Monday, May 18, 2015

May Long- Weekend In Review

I'm off to work today as we don't get stat holidays off. At least, I love my job.

I actually had a long weekend anyway. London was out of daycare, all week, because he was sick so Jarod and I alternated days off. I had Monday, (half of) Wednesday and Friday. 

Friday, we took it easy. He slept until 9:30 so I had a chance to work on my gallery wall for my bedroom. Pinterest recommended tracing the frames and then hanging the paper (I used wrapping paper) up first so you get them in position without putting a bunch of holes in the wall. It worked out great!!

When London finally work up we did some crafts and played until it was time for lunch and a long (four hour) nap!

Despite his long nap, London was exhausted so, after a quick nap on the floor, we headed to bed early! 

Saturday, he seemed to be feeling much better so we took in the recycling and headed to the farmers' market. I told him he could have whatever recycling money we made to spend on treats. So, he used his $6.90 to buy a soccer bracelet and a lemon macaroon. 

Then, we took in an early movie at Galaxy. He managed to make it through the whole movie (Nut Job) and we both enjoyed it! Of course, we had to stop in the arcade after!

Saturday afternoon was spent reading books, playing more basketball (best $5 dollars I've spent lately) and doing laundry and dishes.

Sunday, London was up just after 7. He wanted to stay home so we watched Diego before I decided to go for a run. London ran on his treadmill, for a few minutes, before watching Toy Story on his iPad. I settled for 5, of the 10, miles on my training plan which felt great after a week off! 

While he napped I read my new book and watched last week's Survivor. Then, we headed to the park for a super quick play date and then to daddy's for Sunday Supper (our weekly hand-off tradition.)

I ended the night celebrating a friend's
birthday and watching Pitch Perfect (have to get ready for tonight's movie with the girls!!) 

Okay, time to head to work...

Have a great Monday!! 

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