Friday, May 8, 2015

It's HERE---- #WeRunSocial

I don't usually post on Friday's but I couldn't wait to tell you about a new project that has been in the works for months!!!!

#WeRunSocial is officially launched!!!!

Okay, let me back-up. I've met some pretty awesome people through running and blogging. A few of my online friends (I had never even met them before) convinced me to sign up for the Phoenix Half Marathon in February. It was positive peer pressure at its finest. I'm so happy I decided to go. We chatted for months leading up to the race and hung out, at social events, the whole weekend. I met some incredible new friends, ran one of my best races (almost a PR) and left feeling like this wasn't the end for the group. Everyone else felt the same. 

In case you missed it. Here are my Phoenix Recaps:

Pavement Runner is the brain child behind #WeRunSocial. He's very active on social media and has running friends everywhere he goes. I finally got to meet him, in Phoenix, and he's the best! He got everyone, from #ItsGoingDownATPHX, on board and did all the leg word to get this movement up and running.

So what is #WeRunSocial?

From Pavement Runner's post:

"We wanted to create a running crew-group-club-team that captured everything that we are about: running all the miles and killing it on social media.
Whether we are taking selfies with 44 people, taking pictures of our feet for Instagram, or signing up for all the races because we can’t help ourselves — we are doing it together."

So, how can you be a part of it? Use the hashtag #WeRunSocial and spread the love. It's that easy. You'll also be able to order gear soon too!!

Read more about the #WeRunSocial launch, and learn more about ordering gear, HERE.

You can also interact with the community online by clicking on the links below.


I can't wait to watch this community grow!

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