Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Training Tuesday-- 39 days until the Calgary Half Marathon

First of all, congratulations to Danielle for winning my Colour Me Rad race entry giveaway! Danielle was emailed this morning before I hit publish on this post.

My next race, the Calgary Half Marathon, is 39 days away and I'm finally ready to really start training again. Unfortunately, my treadmill is not on board. It still isn't working. Jarod is going to come have a look at it this weekend to see if he can fix it. The screen says "connecting" but it never actually does. I'm hoping it is just a loose wire and it'll be back up and running soon! I'm definitely thankful that nice weather means I can get outside for most of my runs right now! 

Taking three weeks off running meant my training plan, for Calgary, sort of fell apart. Thankfully, the time off was exactly what I needed. My foot is feeling much better and I managed to pull off a pretty strong time at my 5K race Saturday.

I also went for an 8 mile run Sunday and my legs cooperated with the long-ish mileage (the longest since the Phoenix Half Marathon at the end of February!!) 
I did hill repeats because the view at the top was amazing!

My plan, moving forward, is to run 3-4 times and go to two group strength-fitness classes a week. I had a 3D Galt Analysis, on Friday, which showed some weaknesses in a few areas. I have a lot of work to do to become a stronger (hopefully faster) runner. A lot of that work is more strength training!
Last night, I went to BodypumpJo took me to my first class a few months ago and I've been trying to make time to go back ever since. London spent the night at his dads so I decided to go to a 5pm class. I have a feeling I won't be able to move my arms for a few days ;)
Have you ever had a Gait Analysis before? 
Who's attending/gone to Physio before? What for?
Does anyone else LOVE Bodypump? 

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