Saturday, April 18, 2015

Race Recap: Coaldale Family Fun Run 5K

Remember that time I said I wasn't going to "race" this weekend's 5K? I had ran once, in three weeks, because of a suspected stress fracture and my confidence was lacking. 

Then, I got out there and everything changed. Not only am I competitive (with myself and others) but I had my own little cheerleading squad who came to watch me. That was all the motivation I needed....

The race is held in a small community, outside Lethbride. It's really well organized, has great volunteers and the course is flat. It's my current 5K PR.

I picked up my race package half an hour before start time and most of the racers hung out inside a nearby school until about 10 minutes before start time. 

I knew I needed a warm up so I enlisted London's help to get me moving. He's a great running buddy and was begging me to let him race! 

Before I knew it, it was go time!! 

I started out too fast (story of my life) and looked down to see 6:30/mile pace on my Garmin. Whoops! I immediately felt a cramp and knew I needed to dial back.

I settled in at 8/mile and kept my head down. I didn't have music, as I forgot my headphones, so I just listened to my breathing and enjoyed the time with my thoughts. 

I hit the mile marker at 7:45. Two mile at 8:01. That's when the wind hit. We had an out and back section and as soon as we turned around the wind nearly knocked me over! My pace dropped to 8:50 as I struggled to keep moving forward.

We turned down the final stretch and the wind let off a little bit still was brutal. I knew I wasn't going to PR anymore but I had a chance at a Top 3 category placement (and a medal) and wanted to finish top 10 women.

As I approached the finish line I saw my cheerleaders waiting for me. 

They gave me the boost I needed to keep moving and finish strong.

I crossed the finish line and immediately felt like I could throw up (that's never happened before) so I laid down on the grass. I had pushed myself to my limits.

I was proud of myself.

Final Time-- 25:25
4th in my category
9th woman overall
42nd place overall 

I had an absolute blast at the race! It's one of my favourite events! Although I didn't PR (or get a category top 3) I am happy with my time. 

I'll be back next year Coaldale!!

Anyone else race this weekend?
How did it go?


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