Sunday, April 26, 2015

11 miles, 2 empty net goals & Too many drinks- Weekend in Review

Friday night, after work, my boss offered to take me out for a drink. We decided to go to Browns Socialhouse and ended up ordering supper too. It was great to unwind after a busy week!

Saturday, I had 11 miles on my training plan. I didn't set my alarm, for Marathon Club, so if I slept in I would run the mileage solo. I woke up at 7:30 and decided to use the run to try out my race day strategy. I ate two waffles (with peanut butter and syrup) and sat down to watch The Mindy Project while it digested. 

Around 10:30, I put on my race-day outfit, loaded up with water and gels and headed out. It was a cool morning (and I thought it was going to rain) but I opted to run with sleeves instead of a jacket.

It only took about 15 minutes for me to warm up but I wasn't feeling it. My legs were tired and I just wanted to quit. I had to keep telling myself that tough training runs make for strong races!

Thankfully, I made it t through the mileage at a decent pace. It was actually my longest run since Phoenix!!

I spent the next few hours eating and relaxing at home before meeting up with Melis to watch some playoff hockey. I'm not a huge hockey fan but I will cheer on my hometown club in the post-season. We headed to Hudsons, around 6:45, and scored one of the last spots!

Melis suggested we do shots for every Canucks goal. Well, they scored 3 times in 10 times AND we had been ordering double highballs! By 8:30, we were both feeling good!!

Sadly, Vancouver lost but we still had fun and the Flames fans weren't too mean to us! We actually ended up getting a handful of free shots sent our way!

Leighann (friend and running buddy) joined us for a couple hours and then a few other girlfriends dropped by! It was a fun (late) night!! My car ended up having an unplanned sleepover! 

This morning, I was not feeling too hot! I was up at 7:30 and threw on my pro compressions and tried to eat something while watching more Mindy Project (loving season 2!)

Jarod brought London over at 11:30 and tried to fix my treadmill (wire was accidentally cut during the move so I need a new one or a new treadmill) and my bbq (it works--yay!) 

We watched a movie while London napped then headed out for a bike ride to the park.

We ended up having supper as a family and then a second supper with some of London's "friends."

This kid!!

Oh, and this is what happens when you turn around for 30 seconds!!

Yes, he's wearing Woody's hat!! Hahaha! 

I hope you had a great weekend too!! 

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