Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Training Tuesday- PHOENIX Half Marathon Race Week

Thanks to a sleeping toddler I was able to write this on the plane ride home and post it when we landed.

It's hard to believe the race is already over but I wanted to recap my training for the final week. I wasn't completely following my plan, for the last five weeks, because of my chest cold but I was keeping my running streak going! I'm almost at 100 Days!! 

Monday, February 23rd
Planned: 3 Miles RR
Actual: 2 Miles ER

Tuesday, February 24th
Planned: 5 Miles RR
Actual: 1 Mile ER

Wednesday, February 25th
Planned: 3 Miles ER
Actual: 3 Miles RR

Thursday, February 26th
Planned: 3 Miles FD
Actual: 1 Mile 

Friday, February 27th
Planned: 3 Miles FD
Actual: 1 Mile

Saturday, February 28th

RACE DAY!! 13.1 Miles!

Race recap is coming your way first thing tomorrow morning!  

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