Monday, March 2, 2015

Pre Race Activities: PHOENIX Half Marathon

Wow, what an incredible vacation! I am leaving PHOENIX with so many amazing memories!

London and I are heading home really early tomorrow. I want to wait to recap the race until I get back but here's what went down at the pre-race activities.

Friday, Mom, London and I headed to the Expo. It was small but I still ended up spending money. I grabed a flip belt, new pair of socks and a super cute t-shirt for London. 

There was a meetup planned, with a big group of runners/bloggers, at the pro compression booth so I made my way over there looking for some familiar faces. I immediately spotted a few Instagram friends but was feeling a bit shy. Luckily, I quickly saw Brian who gave me the biggest smile and I started feeling more comfortable! 

Then, I spotted Carlee (who is seriously even more adorable in person) and she gave me the biggest wave. I got to chat with a few other internet friends before a big photo op at the Pro Compression booth. 

That night, we had another meetup at a nearby restaurant. We sat outside and the kids ran around while we all chatted and munched on delicious pizza.

It was so nice to meet people that I have been interacting with online for a long time! Everybody I talked to was so easy to chat with and we connected instantly! I just wish I would have had more time to get to know everyone! 

I can't wait until our next meetup!!! 

I love runners :) 

London, mom, and I ended up back at our hotel around 8:30 and immediately crawled into bed. I had a 3:45am wake up call so I needed to get some rest.

Race recap coming soon....

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  1. So fun!!! I can't wait to hear your race recap, I hope you come to bachelor night tomorrow because I miss you!!!