Sunday, March 29, 2015

Moving Day-- Weekend In Review

This weekend, London and I moved into our new house. It was every bit as emotional as I thought it would be. Saturday night, he insisted on sleeping in my bed. It was nice. It made me realize we truly are in this together.

Rewinding.....Friday night, we spent the night with Jarod, my mom and my brother (both flew out to help.) We spent a few hours packing up the last minute things but made sure to have some fun too!

We were up early Saturday to move. Jarod took London while I loaded up our stuff. Ii had an amazing group helping me and would have been lost without them. Mom and I had done almost all the little stuff ourselves, Thursday and Friday, but there were quite a few big things that needed to be transported. I owe a lot of people!!

I didn't take any photos during the move but we spent about four hours getting it all done. Melis and Ian brought pizza and we all sat around eating before doing a champagne toast to celebrate.

Then, it was time to unpack and get settled in while London napped. One of my favourite rooms is the living room. Mainly because of the couch which I love!!

My friend, Julie, is making my dining room table (and my deck isn't built yet) so my patio table is currently inside the dining room. I'm classy like that ;)

I'll be sure to post more photos once we are settled in. 

Sunday, we unpacked and shopped for more necessities (moving is expensive!) Then, met up with Jarod to see his new place (which I love) before having him over here for lunch and a visit. We all headed to a local hockey event in the afternoon. London had a blast!

The wind was CRAZY so we didn't get to stay too long. My brother made his world-famous garlic nachos for supper and we spent the rest of the night visiting and playing with London.

It was a fun weekend but I'll be sad to see London go to his dad's tomorrow and my brother fly home!! Thankfully, my mom is still here for awhile. It's going to be weird to eventually be here alone.

It's back to work, and my new reality, Monday. 

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  1. Nice couch! Glad the move went smoothly! Hope the next few days aren't too hard for you.