Friday, March 13, 2015


Wow, what a whirlwind the past five days have been. Our house sold Sunday and, with an April 1st possession date, Jarod and I had three weeks to move. We didn't have any places lined up because neither of us wanted to fall in love with something and risk losing it if our home didn't sell (it had been on the market for three months.)

Anyway, we looked at quite a few houses. We both knew we wanted to stay in, or close to, our current neighbourhood and would each need, at least, two bedrooms and some play space for our hockey-obsessed London. We looked at all the places together because we had similar price points and, for the most part, the same taste.

I put an offer in on my place late Wednesday and found out Thursday morning it had been accepted! They even gave me everything I was asking for!!! It's a new build so I wanted blinds, a deck and a washer/dryer built in to my mortgage. I'm obviously not comfortable talking about where it is, on the internet, but I'm happy with the area and know that we will build a lot of great memories in our new place.


Meanwhile, Jarod, ended up falling in love with a new house on the other side of the city. Thankfully, it's only a 10-15 minute drive anywhere in Lethbridge so London will never be too far away from either of us. 

Last night, London and I went for a stroller run and met Tawnya, and some friends, to show them our new place. 

I have the greatest support network! I'm seriously overwhelmed with all the kind messages I've been getting over the past week (and really since Jarod and I decided to separate last summer.)

He's pretty excited!

Jarod gets possession on the 25th and I get possession the 26th. My family (Mom, brother, sister-in-aw and two nieces) are coming out to help pack and we've booked a moving truck for Saturday, the 28th. 

Obviously, this is a new, and exciting, chapter but it's also a little sad to say goodbye to an 8 year relationship, sharing every day responsibilities with someone and of course, the hardest part, not seeing London every day. I know there are going to be more tough days ahead but I also know I am strong, and brave, enough to handle whatever comes my way.

I hope you have a GREAT weekend! Time to start packing!!!! 

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