Tuesday, March 17, 2015

An Online Auction & My Next Race

I am supposed to be running the Run For L'Arche, in Calgary, Saturday but had to give up my registration because of everything that's been happening lately. In case you missed it our house sold a week ago and, since then, I've bought a place, signed our separation agreement and divided our belongings and finances. It's been a whirlwind.

Now, that things are some what calming down (minus the packing/moving) I'm letting myself take on some other projects. The big one, is a charity online auction I'm organizing for Team For Kids. I have to raise $2620 to run the NYC Marathon. I'm hoping this will help get me closer to my goal.

So far, I have been overwhelmed with all the support I've received from people wanting to donate items. Here's where I need your help. If you, or anyone, you know can donate an auction please contact me. It doesn't have to be running related. I've reached out to a lot of companies but if you have any connections let me know.

Today, I also paid my entry free to the race. Yes, I'm not exempt from the huge registration fee. This is, by far, the most I've ever paid to run a race but I know it'll be worth it!!

I'm also focusing on my next big race. The Calgary Marathon is 74 days away. I'm a Forerunner for the race this year and I'm really excited about everything that comes with that. We're actually planning on making it a whole race experience so be sure to follow along with the hashtag #RUNYYC for more information soon!! Since I missed my attempt at a PR at the Phoenix Half Marathon I've got my sights set on Calgary. Funny story, I actually missed my PR at Calgary last year by the exact same amount of time as Phoenix!!! I can't seem to break away from the 1:54:00's!!!

So, I don't have a training plan in place YET but, for the most part, I'm going to be following our local Marathon Club's schedule. That is a 5K run Wednesday nights and a longer run on either Saturday or Sunday. I plan to supplement that plan with at least TWO strength training workouts a week and a speed run. I'm also still run streaking so I'll be running my one mile minimum for the time being. I'm at 106 days and am not sure when I will stop. 

I've also signed up for a local 5K race which I like to do to check my speed work during a training cycle. The race is my current 5K PR (24:23) so hopefully I can get close to that again.

We've been lucky with the weather in Southern Alberta lately which has made for lots of stroller runs. They're GREAT because I get to workout with London and the extra 50+ pounds is awesome! 

I'm cutting back on a lot of the smaller races this year because of my new house purchase but thankfully all the ones I really want to do are already paid for.  

Bring on Calgary!!

What are you training for right now?
If you have kids, do you run with a running stroller?
Do you follow a training plan or make it up as you go?


  1. Oh boo I was looking forward to meeting you this weekend but understandably you are a bit busy! You have so many races going on! That is one hefty race fee- yikes! That's so awesome that you are doing NYC for charity! :)

    I've run a few times with the chariot but it's so heavy. Good training though!
    You are fast, lady!!!

  2. I'm training for Calgary too... My first half post-kids. Will hopefully run in the low 1:50s, so might see you on the run! Stay healthy :)