Monday, February 23, 2015

Weekend In Review

It's Monday morning and I'm writing this now because I fell asleep, in bed, with my toddler last night. He had his arms wrapped around me and I didn't want to move. I cherish those moments.

So, this weekend was pretty good! I'm finally starting to feel better although I still have a runny nose and the cough comes and goes. It has four more days to get lost before we leave for Phoenix!! I'm bummed I missed out on Leigh and Amelia's babe shower but I didn't want to get either of them, or anyone else, sick! Hopefully they love the gift we picked out :) 

Friday night, I organized a media night for my local colleagues. About 25 of us headed to a local pub and had a blast! 

Melis and June also stopped by which was great! I love those girls!

I wasn't in bed until 3:30- something I haven't done in a long time! Needless to say, our neighbours car alarm going off at 7 was not fun! Thankfully, I felt okay on a lack of sleep!

I spent the morning doing laundry and playing with London. Saturday afternoon, London and I headed to a nearby rink to watch the Alberta 55 Plus Winter Games. My boss was playing goalie for one of the teams so we hung out at the rink most of the afternoon. London was in heaven!

He even watched some younger kids warming up for practice and was thrilled when they asked him to play pass with a ball. He kept running back to me and saying "Mommy, I'm having fun!!"

We left the rink with a puck and lots of great memories!

He had refused a nap earlier and ended up falling asleep on me. I loved the cuddles and I did nothing for 90 minutes. It was perfect.

Sunday, we spent the morning cleaning for house showings. 

We went to Costco to kill time and then I came home and ran while London napped. I had seven miles on the schedule which I put off Saturday because of how I was feeling. Well, I started running and realized I didn't want to run 7 miles. I did one, for the streak, and called it a day. 

I quickly showered and then London and I headed to a birthday party for one of London's friends. It was so much fun!

There was lots of toys, and other kids, to play with and tons of yummy food! Check out this cupcake-cake the mom made! 

It was a great weekend but it went by way too fast! 

How was your weekend?

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