Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Training Tuesday- Phoenix Half Marathon Week #9

Despite having a less than ideal last 5 weeks of training I am going into my final week feeling excited and ready to run!

Yes, I'm probably not going to PR but I am going to have a lot of fun!

I took it easy last week (and my mileage shows) but I think that's exactly what I needed. My cough is still kicking around but it is MUCH better! Bring on the warm weather and sunshine! 


Monday, February 16th
Planned: 5 Miles RR
Actual: 1 Mile 

Tuesday, February 17th
Planned: 6 miles T
Actual: 1 Mile

Thursday, February 19th
Planned: 5 miles AYF
Actual: 2.25 miles AYF

Saturday, February 21st
Planned: 7 miles
Actual:1 mile

Coming up this week: 

Monday: 3 miles (T)
Tuesday: 5 miles (RR)
Wednesday: 3 miles (RR)
Thursday: 3 miles (FD)
Friday: 3 miles (FD)
Saturday: RACE DAY!!!!
Sunday: 5 mile Virtual Race

Has anyone ran the Phoenix marathon or half marathon before? If so, any tips?
What's your pre-race ritual?

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