Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Training Tuesday- Phoenix Half Marathon Week #7

Before we get to last week's training I just wanted to let you know that I am a guest blogger for the Rocky Mountain Soap Company Women's Run and Walk. You can check out my latest post on working out early HERE. The event has a half marathon, 10K, 5K and 5K stroller option and is spread out over two days (May 23rd and 24th.)

Okay, so on to my training. Last week, everything fell apart. I was sick with a bad chest cold and then London got REALLY sick. I barely managed my daily mile minimums to keep my streak alive. Thankfully, I was feeling a little better Saturday and thought I would attempt my long run. It didn't go exactly as planned and I'm still not feeling entirely like myself. 

Basically, there was a lot of this going on last week....

Monday, February 2nd

Planned: 4 Miles RR

Actual: 1 Mile

Tuesday, February 3rd

Planned: 6 miles RR

Actual: 1 Mile

Thursday, February 5th

Planned: 5 miles AYF

Actual: 1.5 miles

Friday, February 6th

Planned: 0 miles

Actual: 1 Mile


Saturday, February 7th

Planned: 12 miles

Actual: 9 miles

Sunday, February 8th

Planned: 0 miles

Actual: 1 mile

Coming up this week: 

Monday: 4 miles (RR)
Tuesday: 6 miles (F)
Wednesday: 3 miles (FD)
Thursday: 4 miles (AYF)
Friday: OFF
Saturday: 10 Miles (LR) 
Sunday: OFF 

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