Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Training Tuesday- Phoenix Half Marathon Week 6

Once again, my training didn't go as expected this week thanks to this cold/flu that's been kicking around for 12 days now. It started in my head and has now turned into a brutal cough.

I'm worried because this is peak week and I haven't hit my long runs the past two weekends. Fingers crossed, London and I both feel better soon!!!

I'm still streaking but sticking to my mile minimums more than I would like. 

Here's a look at last week: 

Monday, January 26th

4 miles (RR)

Tuesday, January 27th

Planned: 5 Miles (Tempo)
Actual: 1.75 Miles (Stroller)

Wednesday, January 28th

Planned: 0
Actual: 6.15 miles

Thursday, January 29th

Planned: 4 Miles
Actual 1 Mile

Friday, January 30th

Planned: 0 Miles
Actual: 1 Mile

Saturday, January 31st

Planned: 11 Miles
Actual: 7 Miles

Sunday, February 1st

Planned: 0 Miles
Actual: 1 Mile 

Coming up this week: 

Monday: 4 miles (RR)
Tuesday: 6 miles (T)
Wednesday: 3 miles (F)
Thursday: 5 miles (RR)
Friday: OFF
Saturday: 12 Miles (LR) 
Sunday: OFF 

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  1. At least you have been able to continue your streak, Feel Better soon!