Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thinking Out Loud #5

Once again, I'm linking up with Amanda for "Thinking Out Loud."
If you don't know how it works check out her first post. Basically, it's a chance for you to get all your random thoughts out and then link up with others doing the same.

1. I signed up for a group fitness class. Running is, and will always be, my first fitness love but in an effort to do some strength work I signed up for a group fitness class "Brandt's Booty Beauties." I am excited to try something different! I am doing it with a few girlfriends so it should be a lot of fun!! 

Tighten, tone, lift, and transform your backside with this ladies only booty blasting fitness class!


Target those glutes and abs for a tighter bikini body in 2015.

2. Shopping for a new house is fun, stressful and depressing. With our house on the market, it's time to start looking for a new place for London and I to live. I have a pretty long wish list and preferred neighbourhood PLUS a tight budget. Jarod has similar wants/needs so we looked at a couple of places last night. Now, we just have to wait for our place to sell and hopefully we can both find something we love as much as we love our current "dream" home. I will not be making an offer on the condo that had 7 cats though. The smell of Vanilla Fabreeze is still in my nostrils.

3. Thank for all the love on yesterday's post. I'm not going to lie. That's one of the toughest things I've ever written. I teared up reading all the comments. You all are amazing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

4. I'm ridiculously excited to meet all the other runners/bloggers going to Phoenix. When I first heard about the Phoenix Marathon from pavement runner I didn't think I would be able to make it work. Thanks to some twitter "encouragement" (haha) I bit the bullet and registered! I'm not only looking forward to the race but also the meet-up beforehand and a post-race shakeout run the next morning (yes, we're crazy!) I've "met" so many people through my blog and I'm excited to connect with them in person. Follow this hashtag if you want to see what I'm talking about... #ItsGoingDownAtPHX

5. I am craving a trip back home (to White Rock.) There's just something about being 1) by the ocean 2) with my family that makes me feel so happy! I have two trips planned, so far, this year and I am hoping to add one more. My brother, who serves in the Navy, just found out he's being sent away again so I'm hoping to see him before he leaves. 

That's all I have time for today. Have a GREAT Thursday! 

1. Do you have any trips planned this year? 
2. Any tips for things to do while we're in Phoenix?

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