Sunday, February 1, 2015

The cold that never ends & I want to see Katy Perry Live-- Weekend in Review

I was busy at work, Friday, when the daycare called to say London seemed a bit off. I knew it was coming as he had a terrible sleep Thursday and was complaining about his ears.

Sure enough, the doctor confirmed he had a double ear infection and pink eye! That's on top of his head and chest cold we have both had for over a week!

Jarod picked up his medicine and we spent the night cuddling.

After he was in bed, I headed out for a few hours to meet up with some local media ladies. It was fun to chat, outside of work, and I enjoyed getting to know them all better.

Saturday morning we had a house showing so we needed to leave for a couple hours. London and I bundled up and headed to Chapters/Starbucks for a coffee date and to grab a new book.

Since I had skipped Marathon Club that morning, I attempted my long run during nap time. I had 11 miles on the plan but had to stop at 7 because my chest was bothering me. I was pretty excited to hit 100 miles for January though! 

Saturday night was filled with more cuddling as London's cold seemed to be getting worse. Thankfully, Jarod was a huge help since we were both feeling so crappy. None of us got very much sleep!

Sunday morning I headed to Melissa's to watch the new Backstreet Boys documentary. We fell in love with the band as teenagers and have enjoyed going to their concerts every time they tour. It was awesome to look back at their journey and we may have even learned a few things about our boys!

Jarod, London and I had our own SuperBowl party in the afternoon! We moved my mattress downstairs and all hung out, in our pjs, eating yummy food and watching the game. (London alternated between the game and Mighty Ducks on the IPad!)

I'm not a big football fan but I enjoyed the game and Katy Perry killed the halftime show! I would LOVE to see her live someday!

London is still too sick to send to daycare tomorrow (and my chest cold needs to get lost too) so we will be staying home tomorrow! Fingers crossed we both feel better soon!

I hope you had a great weekend!
Anyone eat anything delicious at a SuperBowl party? 

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