Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Training Tuesday- Phoenix Half Marathon Week #5

Race day is 32 days away and I finally experienced my first training hiccup. Last Tuesday, I woke up with a pounding headache and felt a bit stuffed up. I took some Tylenol, went for my run, and pushed through the day. The symptoms were worse Wednesday and, by Thursday, I had a full on flu. I went into work but was sent home.

I ended up skipping my planned long run Saturday and the kick off of my first ever Marathon Club! While I was initially quite bummed, I know it's important to listen to our bodies.

So, my runs didn't all go exactly as planned but I did still manage to log some miles every day. Here's a recap of last week's training runs and what I have on the schedule for Week 6.

Monday, January 19th

3 ER (Easy Run) Miles

I pushed my pace since I was running short on time

Tuesday, January 20th

5 Miles I (Intervals)

Thursday, January 22nd 

Planned: 4 miles RR (Regular Run)
Actual: 1 mile (to keep the streak)

I put on my new shoes to make me feel better!

Saturday, January 24th

Planned 11 miles LR (Long Run)
Actual: 4 mile AYF (As You Feel)

Sunday, January 25th

Planned: Off
Actual: 2.5 miles AYF (As You Feel)

Coming Up: Week #6

Monday: 4 miles RR
Tuesday: 6 miles T (Tempo)
Thursday: 4 miles AYF
Saturday: 11 miles LR

Also, I have something exciting to mention. I just found out I won a FREE month membership to GoodLife Fitness from Ange which I'm excited to use to help with my cross training! I see MANY more Body Pump classes in my future!!!

Oh, and I have a question for you! Since I'm going to be running in Phoenix (not cold/snowy Alberta) I really want to buy some new running shorts (I currently run in Lulu's Tracker Shorts.) Can anyone recommend some shorts that stay put (aka don't ride up) and aren't super short?! I want to order them now so I can try them out before race day. 

Thanks in advance!! :) 

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  1. Nice job on the runs despite being sick! I love all your runnin photos. Do you use a self timer or a photographer? I never take runnin photos and wish I had some!

    Ugh shorts! I prefer to wear a running skirt bc all shorts ride up on me and I don't like my legs in them anyway. I have some groove shorts which stay fairly put during runs. I have some speed shorts but they do creep up so I just stick to the running skirt! Good luck finding some shorts!