Sunday, January 4, 2015

He's back!!! Plus, my Weekend In Review

I spent most of today (Sunday) completely unplugged. That's because LONDON IS HOME!!

He's been with his dad, for 10 days, and I missed him so much! The house was way too quiet, I realized TV is really quite boring and I cleaned... a lot. Thank you to some amazing people who kept me preoccupied while he was gone or I may have gone even more crazy!

Anyway, we spent all day playing. It was perfect! He would randomly run up and gives the best hugs. He missed his mommy.

Since we are starting this at Sunday I may as well keep going backwards with my recap.

Saturday, I slept in until 7 and then tackled my long run (8 miles) on the treadmill.

I spent the rest of the day doing nothing too exciting. I was too anxious for London to get home. I watched girly movies, cooked and had some phone dates.

Friday, I worked. I was up early to run as I had plans that night. 

Work was pretty slow (I think nearly everyone in the city took the whole week off) and I managed to get out a few minutes early. I hurried home to tidy up a bit (we had a showing) then spent the night at the movie with Tawnya and Nicole. We saw Annie and it was pretty cute. I had popcorn for supper and great company. It was a wonderful night. 

Overall, it was a great first weekend of 2015! I'm so happy my little boy is home and I'm feeling more like myself again with him here. We are back to work/daycare tomorrow so hopefully it goes well. I'm also hosting 7-8 girls for our weekly Bachelor nights (premieres tomorrow) and pumped to catch up with some of my favourite ladies! 

I hope you had a great weekend!

Who ran this weekend? 
Do you watch The Bachelor?
Any good Sangria recipes out there? 

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