Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A New Running Challenge

As I mentioned, last month , I am an ambassador (forerunner) for the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon.  I'm joining an awesome (and inspiring) group of runners to promote the event and share our stories. 

You can read more about Jen, Peter, Jenny, Susan, Kevin, Rachel, Tina and Rafael HERE.

I am busy training for the Phoenix Half Marathon  right now but will shift focus to Calgary in early March.

I have ran the Calgary Marathon twice. In 2013 I did the 10K and accomplished a huge goal (sub 1 hour.) It was 8 months after London was born and only my second 10K (and post-baby race.)

Last year, I ran the half marathon. While I didn't PR (missed by 25 seconds) it was still a very memorable race. I was sidelined with an injury, during training, and had to stop running for about five weeks. Thankfully, the break was what I needed to come back strong. I was so happy to cross that finish line!

I wanted this year's race to be another memorable one. So, I have decided to
do something I have never done before! On May 31st, I will be running the half marathon in the morning and then pacing one of my best friends, in the 5K, at noon! My girlfriend, Melissa, is on week 2 of the couch to 5K program and this will be her first race. I couldn't be more proud, and excited, to be with her as she crushes one of her goals! She's even already committed to a half marathon, with me, in the fall! 

Of course, there is also the marathon, a 50K, 10K and kids race. I may bring London to run the kids race or push him in the stroller while I pace Melissa. That is still undecided. 

Tonight (Wednesday) there is actually a Calgary Marathon event going on at Eau Claire market. The organizers will be unveiling the routes and there is a contest
involving Jugo Juice (yummy!!) 

I am really excited for this year's race(s) and I hope you'll consider joining the fun!

Thank You to the Calgary Marathon crew for selecting me for such an amazing opportunity! 

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  1. I love this race! I also did the 10K in 2013 and sub 1 hour'd it!

    I'm debating signing up this year... So many races I want to do. Not enough time!