Sunday, November 23, 2014

When they're sick... Weekend In Review

Well, this weekend did not go as planned. Friday, I had organized a night on the town, with some girlfriends, and Saturday Melis and I were supposed to head to Calgary for a concert and sleepover at a fancy hotel.

Instead, I got the call Thursday that London was throwing up at daycare. I was the boss at work that day so I tried getting a hold of London's dad but he was in a meeting. I ended up calling my boss and he agreed to come in, on his day off, so I could go get London and take him home. 

We made it almost home before London threw up all over himself and the car seat. I have a weak stomach but it's different when it's your child. My heart broke for him. I raced home and stripped him naked (in the driveway) and put him right in a warm bath. He kept saying "mommy, me sick." It broke my heart!

Jarod rushed home as soon as he could and, very nicely, offered to clean up my car. 

Poor London had a rough evening/night throwing up and no one really got any sleep. 

I went to work Friday while J stayed home with him.  They stayed in bed and relaxed most of the day.

Saturday, we decided to decorate the house for Christmas.  We blasted music and spent an hour putting up the tree.

After his nap, we decided we all needed some fresh air and headed out for groceries. Of course, we all rocked sweats and pjs.

I also fit in a 4 mile run while the boys played and Melis texted me updates from the concert!! I'm so happy she found someone to go with!! 

We ended the night with... Hockey! 

Today, we had a busy day. London was back to his normal self so I took him out to run errands this morning. We picked up a new hockey stick and some Christmas gifts. 

While he slept, I went to see Mockingjay with Danielle and June (soooo good!!)

Then, Jarod and I took London to an afternoon hockey game. 

I didn't think I was going to have time to workout but made time before his bedtime. I had 30 minutes to run a mile and do some strength training. I'm glad I did it!!

We ended the night with some playtime and cuddles.

It wasn't the weekend I planned but I am so happy I decided to stay home and take care of my baby boy! I couldn't  imagine being anywhere else. It's so
tough when they're sick. All you want to do is take away their pain and comfort them. Now, here's hoping the rest of us don't get sick!

I hope you had a great weekend too!! 


  1. Too bad you had to miss your girls weekend. What concert?
    Glad London is back to his normal self. Poor little guy. Was thinking of you all weekend!

    1. Nick and Knight, haha! Melis LOVES Nick Carter!!!

      Thanks lady! Hope you had a great weekend too-- about to read your recap now :)

  2. What concert were you supposed to go to? That's too bad you had to miss it but glad London's feeling better. I can't wait to see Mockingjay. I watched Catching Fire last night to prepare myself!

    1. Nick and Knight, haha! Melis LOVES Nick Carter!!! About to checkout your recap now! Hope you had a great weekend!!

  3. Aww sorry to hear about London! No fun at all :( I forgot about the movie coming out but need to find a date to see it stat!

  4. Poor London! Hope he is feeling better. Not looking forward to the sick kids part of parenthood, but still worth it!

    1. It's tough but sooo worth all the good parts! Plus, you get LOTS of cuddles when they're sick ;)