Friday, November 14, 2014

Things I'm Loving Lately 26: Winter Gear for Running Edition

It's time for another edition of Things I'm Loving Lately but this week is a little different. I don't know about where you live but here in Southern Alberta it's cold! Yesterday, it was -20 C but felt like -34!!  Even with the heater or at work I still left my big over-sized sweater on, and sipped on tea, throughout the day.

Winter running is something I have to deal with. When I'm home with London, I do the majority of my runs on a treadmill; but, when I have some (kid) free time I prefer to get outside and run. The key to dressing for winter running is to dress in layers. You may be freezing when you leave but you'll quickly warm up. I like to dress for weather that's actually about 20 degrees warmer than it says it is. 

Unless it is -43 and you decide to be stubborn and run a race... then it still feels like -43 and your eyelashes freeze in about thirty seconds.

Here are the things I wear when going out for a winter run. 

This post is NOT sponsored by lululemon I just REALLY love their stuff! 

1. A Running Jacket
When it's below freezing I always throw on a running jacket (unless I'm racing and then I stick to just a long sleeve shirt.) I recommend something with goose-down and reflective features. I obsessed with the Fluffed Up Jacket although it's a little on the pricier side. 
Lululemon Fluffed Up Jacket- Source

2. Running Leggings
Lululemon Speed Tights (Full Luxtreme) are the only leggings that keep my legs nice and toasty during a run in the freezing temperatures and snow. I know there are many others out there but I haven't found any that work for me! 
Lululemon Speed Tights- Source
3. Gloves
If my hands are cold, when I'm runing,my whole body never really warms up. I always wear gloves in the winter (sometimes even in the fall!) These are my favourite from lulu. They're warm, reflective and allow you to change songs/make a phone call etc without removing them.
Run with me mittens- Source
4. Toque
Just like my hands, if my head isn't warm, my whole body feels cold! I have a lulu toque I love ,because it's warm and it has a ponytail holder, but can't find a link to it (it's a few years old!) I did recently buy this ear warmer. While it does a good job of staying put it's not as warm as I would like.
True story: Tutus make you faster! ;)
5. Hand Warmers

I usually leave the house freezing and warm up within a few minutes. Hot Hands are awesome for those first few minutes. I usually stuff one in each of my gloves and then throw them into my pocket when my hands are nice and toasty. They're also GREAT on race day when you're standing around waiting for it to start. I wish I would have listened to my mom and brought these to the starting line of the NYC Half! I still shudder thinking about how cold and numb I was the first three miles. I look like a lobster in my race photos!!! 

Look how red my arms are!! BRRRRR!!!

How do you stay warm while running in the winter?
What is some of your favourite winter workout gear?
What's the coldest run you've ever been on?


  1. It gets cold here, but either I'm more hardcore than I thought or it doesn't get 'real' cold because I'll stick with shorts and a long-sleeve tech top until it drops below zero. That's when the capris come out ;) Realistically though I'll never need to run in colder than -5 so I don't think I ever really get to try all those awesome running jackets and arm sleeves and things... which is sad because some of them are lovely!

  2. One caution about the lulu gloves, I washed them (and dryed them accidentally) and now the finger things for the phone don't work! Very frustrating.
    I actually don't have a running jacket, it's definitely something on my list.

  3. I have YET to find gloves that keep my hands warm when running and have pairs that cost me $80. It is the main reason I run inside all winter. I love those tights too! I also wear a headband from Lulu I love. Coldest run is probably during marathon training a few winters ago, -28 without the wind...I came home and cried!

  4. I miss running and training, but not running in the freezing cold!

  5. Ugh. I need all of these things so I can continue to run through winter. I just bought a wind breaker running jacket that I thought would be ok if I layer underneath it, but now that it's super cold i'm thinking I may need more. I wish I had a treadmill (and the space to put one!!)