Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My (Updated) Race Bucket List

Since I made THIS Race Bucket list, in May, things have changed drastically in my life.. I'm not where I planned on being but I'm okay with that.  I'm obviously not pregnant (or trying to get pregnant) as I expected to be.  I didn't really plan on racing at all in 2015 and now that's what's one of my main focuses to get me through the next year.

It's no secret I love races. It's a chance for your body to show you how months of training pay off. You push your body (and mind) to the limit and achieve what you never thought was possible. Of course, a PR is pretty cool too!!

So, here is my new and improved Race Bucket List:

1. NYC Marathon

If you follow me on social media, I've made it pretty clear the the NYC Marathon is my dream race. I feel like I'm finally ready to commit to training, and running, a marathon and there's no other one I would want to have as my first! I'll be there in 2015!!

2. Chicago Marathon/Half Marathon

Visiting Chicago has been on my travel bucket list for years. Court raves about the city and I know I would LOVE it! Plus, our friend Daniele lives there and is also a runner. I'm sure I could convince her to run with me!  I've heard nothing but amazing things about the half and full marathons in that city. You can see the skyline as you run along Lake Michigan and both courses are flat and PR friendly! 

3. Seawheeze

I'm a HUGE Lululemon fan. I wear their clothes every day and certainly on all my runs/races. You get a pair of shorts with registration and it's close to my hometown. I've always wanted to run along the seawall in Vancouver and next year it's going to happen! I am registered for the sold-out 2015 event and can't wait to check this one off!

Decked out in Lululemon Gear for my 1st Half Marathon

4. RunDisney Half Marathon

I'm not picking which RunDisney event because I've heard such amazing things about them all! I like the idea of dressing up to run and taking your time to stop, along the course, and pose for photos with Disney characters. This would be a GREAT race to do with friends! I've already recruited a few girls to tackle this 13.1 run through the park with me. We just have to pick a race! 

5. Runner's World Heartbreak Hill Half & Festival (HAT TRICK)

This Heartbreak Hill Half and Festival takes places, in Boston, in June. There's a hat trick (5 and 10 K one day and half marathon the next) that I really want to tackle. It takes place on the Boston Collage campus and runners get to experience the infamous "Heartbreak Hill" from the Boston Marathon.

What's on your race bucket list?
Any races I need to add?


  1. Heartbreak Hill Hat Trick is on mine too, and NY, but they're a loooot less accessible to me so it will be a while! I really want to run the London Marathon too as it's so iconic.

  2. I LOVE that marathons are now on your list! I would love to run that half in Boston, it's one of my favorite cities and it's close to home for me :)

  3. Great list!

    If I ever got to the half/marathon level, I would want to do SeaWheeze, the Vegas RockNRoll, NYC and a Disney. But.....I'm not there yet.

  4. What a great list! I've done the Runner's world race in Bethlehem and MIGHT do the heartbreak hill next year. The Disney races are of course my favorite. I think you will love them too!

  5. So proud of you for going for NYC I know you'll rock it and it'll be a great experience! I definitely want to run it but know I'm not ready for another full yet.
    Disney races are awesome, we want to do another in the next few years.
    I still have Victoria on my race list since thus year it didn't work out.

  6. I have the same bucket list as you! Having one checked off feels great.