Sunday, November 2, 2014

Inspired by the New York City Marathon- Weekend In Review

Another jam packed weekend and it was a fun one!!

Friday, I left work early to pick up London from daycare and take him trick or treating at the mall. He didn't last long but he had fun! 

Our realtor stopped by to take photos of our place, before supper, (it's now listed) and then we headed out to trick or treat in our neighbourhood. London picked it up fast and I had to share this adorable video with you!

Later that night, I headed out with my girlfriend June for some drinks and appies at a new restaurant/pub. It was wonderful to have some girl time! She is so much fun! Next time, we are going dancing!! 

Saturday morning started with a 5K treadmill run and then some smoothie making with London. 

He wasn't feeling great this weekend so he ended up staying in his pjs all day and gave lots of cuddles! He put his hand in my shirt when he was a baby and it's still
something he does for comfort!

Saturday night, I headed out for supper with some new friends. I am learning a lot  about friendships lately and am focusing on surrounding myself with only people who make me happy. This group was full of people who did just that. I had a blast and felt like we had been friends for ages. I can't wait to get together again! 

Sunday morning, London woke up super early (thank you daylight savings!)
I immediately turned on the live stream of the NYC Marathon and started watching. I had a few friends running and was excited to track their progress and cheer them (and the pros) on! London even watched it with me for awhile!

I decided to go for a run as the pros were about a half hour from the finish. I trained for the NYC Half watching videos of the race and it was so inspiring! Today, was no different! I ran 6.22 miles and they ran 26.2! It flew by for me, haha!

It wasn't an ideal race day in NYC. Runners had 20 miles straight into the cold, brutal, wind. No PR's were set among the professionals. I actually felt myself getting super emotional as they made their way into the Park. A few of the racers, including my favourite Kara Goucher, had a really hard day. Kara admitted hitting the wall and almost giving up! She pushed through and her son was kissing her at the finish line as she bawled.

I watched as thousands of people crossed the finish line and I wished I was one of them. 

I kept getting alerts for the three people I was tracking and decided to log in to the interactive map once the first one hit mile 20. It was so cool to watch them near the finish line and I found myself silently cheering them on and having the biggest smile on my face as I knew the finish line was in sight! I'm so proud of you Jen, Kim and Dory!! You all KILLED it!!!!

Today made me realize that there is no where else I want to be, next year, but running the NYC Marathon!! It scares me but is also really really exciting! I'll get into it another time but it is exactly what I need in 2015!

Congratulations to all the runners!!

I had a great afternoon/evening with London. We had a coffee (hot chocolate) date, played with trains and ran around playing hockey as we watched a game on TV.  

Back to NYC quickly... I saw this in Lethbridge today and I feel like it was a sign I need to be there next year!! Check out the licence plate!! 

London and I ended the night with him having a bath and us reading his new hockey book. It was a great day!

Hope you all had an awesome weekend too! If you ran the NYC Marathon I can't wait to read your recap! I'm hoping to do a round up of some of my favourites soon! :) 


  1. Sounds like a great weekend. Hope London is feeling better.
    I'm not even a marathoner, but watching the clips on Snapchat were making me emotional. Would be so cool to be there for that!

  2. Poor London, hope he is feeling better soon! Fingers crossed your house sells quickly and everything works out with it :)