Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What To Buy A Runner For Christmas

There's apparently only six more shopping weekends until Christmas. I've made it one of my November goals to get my Christmas gift shopping done by the end of the month but I still have a few more things to buy.
If you're like me, and have a lot of family and friends that love fitness, you may benefit from this list. Truth be told I'm pretty sure I would be happy to find any of these things under the tree :)
  • Fitness Watch

I've had my eye on the Garmin Forerunner 220 for about six months. It's not a cheap present but the perfect splurge for the runner in your life. I usually only wear a GPS watch for races but will start incorporating one into my longer runs when I start to train for next year's marathon. This watch has lots of awesome features like uploading your stats instantly to an app on your Iphone and the ability for your friends and family to track you while you're out running. 

  • Running Book

I've heard great things about this book by Runner's World. As a single mom, it can be hard to find time to run. I used to run every day (I did it for over a year) but that's just not possible right now. This book follows FIRST's unique training philosophy which is supposed to make runnin easier and more accessible by limiting over-training and burnout, and substantially cuts the risk of injury, all while producing faster race times.

  • Earphones

I listen to music while I run. The Yurbuds are the only headphones, I've tried, that actually stay in my ears while I'm running. I never have to re-adjust them. I would like to get a pair of wireless headphones, for when I'm on the treadmill, someday but these are awesome for when you're running outside!

  • Sunglasses

I decided to splurge on a pair of running sunglasses earlier this year and absolutely LOVE them! The Oakley Overtime glasses are fashionable but practical. They are lightweight and comfortable to wear for hours! They also have little nose and ear pads that keep the glasses in place while you're running and sweating. They also come in a polarized version. 

  • Race Entry

I run a lot of races, each year, and they can get expensive. I would check with your runner first before purchasing to make sure they haven't registered already. If you want to make it a surprise, you can also give them money or a visa/mc giftcard and tell them it's for a race. My brother did this for my birthday this year and it was cool to think about him, and how much he supports me, while I was running.

  • Running Tights

If there's a runner in your life, that likes to get outside to workout during the winter months, warm running tights are a must. I have the Lululemon Spped Tight II in full on luxtreme and they are REALLY warm!

  • Hydration Pack
I have always carried my water but, when I train for a marathon, I plan to switch to wearing one of these. I'll be out running for 2-4 hours some weekends and I don't want to have to worry about getting dehydrated. I've heard good things about the Hydrapak

  • IPhone Case

I have been searching for a nice Iphone Case for awhile (after London broke mine.) I want to buy THIS ONE (motivation for NYC traiining) but it's always sold out. There are lots of running related ones online (check out Etsy) and you can even customize some of them! Most runners carry their phones so this would be a great gift to remind them of you while they're out!

  • Comfortable Pullover
I live in comfortable clothes in the winter. This lululemon Think Fast Pullover is perfect for lazying around the house or layering under a jacket for a cold, winter run. 

Stocking Stuffers:
What's on your Christmas wish list?
Fitness Friends... did I miss anything?

Note: This post is not sponsored in any way. It's simply a list of things that I think would make a great gift for your loved ones this year. 

Happy Shopping!!! 


  1. I still drool over the Garmin 220. I got the 210 for Christmas last year and its great but I would love it to auto load to my phone because I never bother to plug mine into the computer.
    And totally agree about Oakley sunglasses. They are a lifesaver! Plus I find they aren't too dark so I wear mine even on cloudy days just to reduce glare and so no one can see my the painful look on my face!

  2. Great list! I have a Camelback and used it for marathon training and loved it.

  3. I want those sunglasses! Great post and ideas :)

  4. Great ideas! I want most of these things for myself, haha

  5. A great big YES to the Garmin and the Yurbuds - I love them both!!

  6. Great post! I have been dreaming of the Garmin 220 as well, but I just bought the Garmin 10 and it's been working well for me!