Friday, October 10, 2014

When You Have Nothing To Say

I disappeared. I know. I have been absent on here, and most other social media, the last week.

I had a few friends text me, and ask if everything was okay, so I thought I should check-in. I saw this Lorna Jane Active post the other day and it was exactly what I needed. 

See, I'm the type of person that, if I have nothing to write I won't force it. It the majority of my thoughts aren't happy and positive I will try and wait a few days. I shouldn't be afraid to say how I'm feeling, or what I'm going through. 

To be honest, this week has been a roller coaster for me.

Yesterday, would have been our third wedding anniversary. Besides all the 
thoughts and feelings that comes with that, I'm also covering a murder trial where they have been showing extremely graphic photos of the dismembered victim. 

I haven't been sleeping well and I haven't been running. For me, not running is the worst part. I think I am going to sign up for the Last Chance Half, in Calgary, in a few weeks to help motivate me.

I've been made to feel guilty, because of my decision, and I've received less-than-acceptable supportive from people who are supposed to have my back. I've lost friends and I've been talked about behind my back.  

I know that those people have their own issues though so I'm choosing to stay strong and push forward. 

And now for the good part...

I've also had some really awesome moments this week that help me get through the tough times. Things like playing mini sticks with London or baking cupcakes and teaching him the best part about baking is licking the spoons after.  Although my marriage didn't work out I have a beautiful baby boy who lights up my life, a job I love and an incredible group of family and friends.

I also have wine. You can't go wrong with  wine ;)

I'll try and post more soon. I am just still waiting for the storm to pass.

I hope you'll stick around as I navigate my way through my new normal.



  1. Love you :) xo know I'm always here if you need anything! Sometimes it's hard to write when you're going through something... taking a break is what you need!

  2. Sending you hugs this week! Let me know if you do sign up for the last chance half...I will be there to cheer you on! And perhaps go for breakfast :)

  3. We all understand why you need to take a break! It's ok to take your time to work through your thoughts. It looks like you have had some special moments with London though! So precious!

  4. Totally understandable that you just needed some time. Taking a break at any time is acceptable. Sorry you aren't receiving the support you deserve from some people but times like this always show you who your true friends are.

  5. Even though we haven't met I am sending you positive thoughts! Taking a break is totallay acceptable! And sometimes exactly what you need

  6. Thinking of you my dear. I am sorry people suck! You deserve a break as long as you need it and I will stalk your blog till your return ;) Have a great weekend!

  7. There is nothing wrong with taking a break, especially when you have a lot going on. I'm sorry you haven't received the support you deserve. Hoping the storm passes through quickly. Hugs!