Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Want To Run The NYC Half Marathon?

It's safe to say that NYC is my favourite place in the world and the NYC Half is, hands down, my favourite race.

I traveled with three girlfriends to run it, in March, and had an amazing time! You can read my race recap here.  

The race takes you through, and past, Manhattan's most-famous landmarks including Central Park, Times Square and The Freedom Tower.

It's well organized (you leave in waves according to your estimated finish time which cuts down on congestion) there's a great expo and the finishers' medal is one you'll want to keep out on display.

Registration for the 2015 "United Airlines" NYC Half is now open. Click here to register.The race is March 15th and the deadline to apply is December 2nd. If you don't have guaranteed entry (running 4/6 qualifying NYRR races) to the race you'll need to apply to the lottery. Thousands apply, from around the world, and about 22,000 ran in 2014. The lucky lottery winners find out December 9th.

I am torn on whether to apply for the lottery. The NYC Half is my current PR and I would love to return to the race and see if I could beat it. I've ran three half marathons since and feel like my running has improved.

I'm torn because it may be time, for me, to tackle a full marathon. I really want to apply for the NYC Marathon lottery but I'm not sure I can afford two trips to New York next year. Flights aren't bad but hotels are really expensive! Apparently, I need to make some NYC friends who will let me invade their place for a few days ;)

I already have two half marathons scheduled for next year (lululemon half in Vancouver and the Calgary half) so it may be time to finally commit to a full! 

Have you started filling your 2015 race schedule yet?
What's your favourite race to date?


  1. Nope! I have all our holidays planned already, so races will be local (boo) and probably planned only a few months prior! I would love to run a full in NYC, it'd be an awesome experience, but I know I'm not ready for another full yet!

  2. DO IT! Apply for the full. If you get in then its meant to be, if not than work on your halfs.
    I'm definitely already thinking about my next year race calendar. I would have loved to do the Lululemon one but it falls on a bad weekend for me :( I will be at Calgary for sure though.

  3. Nothing on my race calendar for next year- it all depends on how quickly I get back into running after baby :) I think you should enter!

  4. I would LOVE to run NYC. Maybe we can do it together someday? Or any race, really. I need to see how my running schedule goes this winter/spring but we should totally run YYC together!!!

    1. YES!!! Enter the full marathon lottery with me :) And, I'm definitely down for running YYC together! You're speedy so I'll have to get faster first ;)

  5. I would love to run in NYC. I signed up. Finger crossed that I get in!!