Thursday, October 23, 2014

Things I'm Loving Lately 23

The murder trial I've been covering, all month, is going to wrap up next week and I'm looking forward to having some free time for other things. Yes, blogging is one of those things. I also (at publishing time) have 165 unread posts in bloglovin. Um... Yeah...

Anyway, for now, here's another edition of Things I'm Loving Lately:

1. London's Love Of Hockey

I'm totally okay with being a hockey mom someday. This kid wakes up and goes to sleep talking about hockey. He insists on bringing his hockey stick on the drive to daycare every day and dressing up in all his gear if we are going out somewhere.

2. This Book

It's my second time reading it and it's one of my favourites. I haven't made a lot of time for running lately and I need to focus a little bit more on that for a number of reasons. Running used to be my escape and it makes me feel amazing. This book is a great motivator!

3. Christmas Blogger Exchange

Lindsey and Leigh are hosting this event again this year. Basically, you sign up and are matched up with another Canadian blogger to send a Christmas ornament to. It's a great opportunity to find new Canadian blogs! I love the idea ladies and I'll definitely be participating!

You can get more information and sign up on their blogs HERE and HERE!

4. Texts from Becky

This single mama has been an amazing friend lately. She gets what I'm going through. She's done an amazing job of "checking in" on me and making me feel like everything is going to be okay. I love this girl and wish her and Liam lived closer!!

5. Bouclair

My mom introduced me to this store and Melis and I went to the one in Calgary a few weeks ago (do you still regret not getting that owl Melis?!) and I love it! I don't know when our place will sell, or where I'm going to live next, but I do know I'll be heading there when I do buy a place. My favourite part is everything is colour-coordinated for you!

What are you Loving Lately?
Any Weekend Plans?


  1. I love Bouclair, its such a great store and good prices. Good for you for embracing the hockey mom thing. I fear having boys because I don't want to be a hockey mom.

  2. So cute how much London loves hockey! Thanks for blogging about the Christmas swap :) I can't remember, did you do it last year? Have a great weekend!

  3. Awe I love that he loves hockey like that!! So cute. Becky rocks!!