Friday, October 3, 2014

Things I'm Loving Lately 22

This Shirt

I wanted a birthday shirt for London and love to order from smaller, online, shops whenever possible. I especially love supporting stay-at-home mamas. This shirt is super cute! Heads up, it runs a little small so size up!

2. This Quote

To say I've been disappointed with some people lately is an understatement. I didn't want to say anything but, after our divorce news went public, people started talking; and, stories were either made up or twisted. What people need to remember is Jarod and I need support, love, and encouragement from our friends not to be dealing with rumours. This is our family and we plan on protecting it. 

3. Running 

Running is back on the list this week after a brutal cold and, stress-related, 11 days off. I need to remember that running helps clear my mind and is good for the soul and really make time for it, despite what's going on. I only had time for 15 minutes last night but it felt so good to sweat! 

4. FaceTime and Skype

Whoever invented these is a genius. When you can't seem someone. in person, nothing compares to being able to see them on the phone/iPad while you chat. I especially love random, middle-of-the-day video chats with friends.

5. These ladies

I'm off work today to go pick up my friend, Carrie, from the Calgary airport for a much-needed girl's weekend with Melissa. These are, two of, the girls who know me best. When Carrie heard Jarod and I were separating she didn't hesitate to book a flight to be here for me. That, my friends, is a wicked friend! 25 years of friendship and counting!

What are you loving lately?
Any fun weekend plans? 


  1. I love that shirt you got London! So cute. And I hope you have a great weekend with your girl friends :)

  2. People are going to speculate and talk, because they want to understand how something so seemingly 'perfect & ideal' could go to shit. It's the nature of the beast, and you can't let those peripheral distractions get to you, sweet friend.

    I'm so glad you're reuniting with your BFF this weekend. Hope you ladies have a blast. My weekend plans include trail running, a wine tasting, dinner in Banff and I don't know what else!

    Have fun!! :)

    1. Thanks Jo! This is so well said! I know you can relate xxx

  3. That shirt is awesome. I should order one for Liam.

    I'm sorry to hear about the rumours flying. Try not to let it get to you though.I like what Jo said above me, so true.

    Have a great weekend with your girls!

  4. That shirt is awesome!!! I am so sorry some people are disappointing you, that's upsetting. But have a great time with the ladies! You deserve it!!