Sunday, October 19, 2014

Race Recap: Bare Bones 5K

Over the last two years of "actually" running, I've realized I prefer longer distances. I have never been a sprinter and never considered myself a fast runner. My favourite distance is the half marathon because it's still a challenge but I'm running at a (somewhat) comfortable speed.

With that being said, a 5K is something I wanted to do for awhile now. My last one, after the NYC Half, is my current 5K PR and I wanted to see how far I've come since then. I had all these plans to work on my speed during training but didn't do a single tempo run and have only run a few times since my September back-to-back half marathons.

I went into today's race with no expectations except to push myself and try and beat last year's time of 26:40.

I met Leighann at the start and we talked about our plans. She had a baby THREE months ago and is killing it at all her races since. She is training for another marathon and said she was a little sore from her 30K run yesterday but was aiming for under 25 minutes. I told her my plan was to just try and keep up.

We started at the front of the start line and, before I knew it, we were off. I didn't eat before the race but chugged a glass of water so I wouldn't be dehydrated.

The first mile felt relatively easy. I was chasing Leighann and quickly noticed she was the only girl in front of me. 

At the turn around point I was still feeling good and my new playlist was helping me forget about the race and just keep my legs moving. The volunteers, along the route, were super friendly and motivating too!

Around the 2.5 mile marker we ran by this plant and the smell was horrible. I started coughing and gagging and actually thought I was going to throw up! I tried to breath through my mouth and run faster. (After talking to everyone else after it seems I wasn't the only person who felt like throwing up at that point!)

We rounded the corner and I spotted the finish line and started sprinting. I knew I was close to a PR and going to be among the top females and didn't want to be passed by anyone at the last minute.

I saw Leighann cheering for me and we high-fived each other, at the finish, before grabbing some water, snacks and sitting down (it took us about half an hour to catch our breath, haha!)

We headed over to check our final times and we're both so excited!!! I had missed my PR by almost a minute but....

Leighann had PR'd and placed first overall female and in our 30-39 category and I was the 2nd overall female and 2nd in our category!!

We stuck around for the awards ceremony and got our medals.

It was an awesome race!

Thank you so much Leighann for being such a great support system and pushing me to the finish! You motivate me more than you'll ever know!!

A huge congratulations to all the other racers (including my girl Nicole!) and thank you to the race organizers and volunteers! I'll be back next year!

Official stats:

2/122 females
2/49 30/39 category

25:17 Time


  1. Awesome job Ladies!! I need to find more races for winter around here to keep me motivated.

    1. Thank you!! I find races are GREAT motivation for me! I have a 10K and another half next month. I'm hoping it stays relatively warm LOL!

  2. You ladies are amazing!! Great job!

  3. Great race lady! I wish I would have signed up. Would have been nice to do a 5km, although I know I wouldn't have been even close to your two girls! :)

    1. We missed you!! Sign up next year... it's a GREAT race!

  4. Congratulations to both of you on a great race!