Saturday, October 4, 2014

London's 2nd Birthday & A Video

London's 2nd birthday has come and gone and I wanted to take some time to document our day. I still can't believe he's two!!

I was up at 5:30 to shower and get ready and the birthday boy decided he didn't want to sleep in either. He had gone to bed a bit late, the night before, so he was cranky. 

He made it though a few presents before he was "all done."

I dropped him off at daycare a bit early and included cupcakes for his whole "class" for an afternoon party they had planned for his birthday.

After daycare, we headed to Montanas to meet Jarod for supper. We ended up bringing his presents there and he had fun ripping them open. Thankfully, he had a good nap at daycare!

After dinner, a mini photo-shoot in the parking lot so I could get a shot of his birthday shirt. And by photo shoot I mean me following/chasing him around while snapping pics as he ran away.

We had planned to go to the hockey game that night but had some time to kill so we headed to a Halloween store and let London pick out his costume! It's no surprise my transportation-loving boy chose this!

The hockey game was lots of fun and London is honestly one of the biggest hockey fans I know. He cheers along and tells them to shoot the puck. It's adorable! We ended up leaving early ,since it was past his bedtime, but we will be back!

Here's a video of the little hockey fan:

It was a great day cebrating our little boy turning two and I'm happy Jarod and I could both be a part of it. That's our plan moving forward since neither of us want to miss his birthday!

We love you London!


  1. Knowing you blog from your phone, I'm totally giggling at the fact that Jarod turned into Harod in this post :p

    Sounds like London had a GREAT birthday! That's so awesome he loves hockey so much. I can't imagine Liam wanting to sit still long enough to watch a game. I ordered cupcakes for Liam's birthday party but thinking I should pick some up for the day home as well.

    1. Ugh, I know so annoying (and funny hahahaha!) I need to get a computer and blog from there but my phone is so much easier sometimes hahaha!!!!

      I am excited for Liam's birthday! Maybe get a few for the dayhome so they can celebrate too :)