Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Upcoming Race Schedule

Fall is my favourite time to run. The temperature is usually perfect and the colours are gorgeous. I am already starting to look ahead at races and fill my fall race schedule. First up are my two half marathons September 7th and 13th (not technically fall, I know, but it feels like it lately!)

1. Canmore Half Marathon- September 7th

This is my next race. It's 13.1 miles through beautiful Canmore, Alberta. The views are stunning and the hills are apparently quite tough. My plan is to not push myself, too hard, since I have another half six days later.

2. LRPS Half Marathon Torch Run- September 13th

I'm really excited for this run. It was my first half marathon last year and I'm ready to race it again and see how far I've come. I'm also excited because my friends TawnyaBeckyLindseyDanielleLeighannAlycia and Kelsey are also running! It's going to be so fun to have all the girls on the course and then celebrate with a delicious, well-deserved, brunch after!

Sprinting to the Finish

Celebrating our first half marathon!!

3. Bare Bones 5K- October 19th

I haven't been doing much speed work lately so I'm excited to return to a shorter distance. I placed 2nd in my age group and got my (then) 5K PR at this race last year. It's a fun out and back course and the weather is usually perfect.

4. Claus Cause 5 or 10K - November 16th

I haven't signed up for this one yet as I'm still deciding between the 5 and 10K. I placed second in my age group at this race last year and got my (still standing) 10 PR (tutus make you faster!) and would love to try and break it. The only thing I don't love is that you do two loops of the 5K course (not my favourite!) We'll see! 

There's a few other races I'm looking at but haven't committed to yet.

1. What's on your fall racing schedule?
2. Do you prefer running in spring, summer, winter or fall?


  1. Lots of fun races on your schedule! Makes me wish I was still running/racing more. Definitely next year! Are you going to Canmore by yourself?

  2. I definitely prefer fall running. I want to do more races but everyone I seem to look at I have some sort of conflict with.

  3. I agree! You just can't beat fall/winter running!!! I sat down over the weekend and wrote out my training plan for the next 26 weeks ending with my third (gulp) marathon. There are three (maybe four) half-marathons and a 10K between now and then, and I'm sure I'll run some fun little local 5Ks in there somewhere too. :)

  4. I love fall race season! Perfect running weather. I'm so excited to try out FitFusion! Thank you Kaella :)