Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Day In The Life- 2 Years Old

Buckle up, this is going to be a long one.

I have seen a few other bloggers do these lately and wanted to jump on board again. You can find my previous "Day In The Life" posts here (8 months) and here (13.5 months.)

4:15am Wide awake. London climbed into my bed at 1 o’clock and I was tossing and turning all night. Turn on some music and try and fall back asleep.

4:30am Give up and pull out my phone. Check instagram, twitter, facebook and my bloglovin feed (in that order.) I think about working out but, since I'm going for a run tonight, I pass. I decide to type up my Training For A 5K post instead.

6:00am Finally get out of bed and quietly head to the bathroom to shower and start getting ready.

6:25am I get out of the shower (it was a long one) and hear London saying "Mommmmyyy." Open the bathroom door and he's sitting up in my bed. Turn out cartoons, tuck him back in, and hope he'll stay in bed while I get ready.

7:15am Finish getting ready and help London brush his teeth and get dressed. Watch a video from his dad who's away right now.

7:30am Breakfast time. London has his favourite pancakes, blueberries, strawberries and yogurt with apple juice. He asks for more pancakes twice. He eats more than I do! I scarf down a yogurt and banana and empty the dishwasher while he finishes eating.

7:55am Trying to get London out the door but he's found a football and insists on playing catch with me. I throw down my stuff and give-in.

8:05am Finally got our shoes on and out the door. London stops in the garage to sit in his "car" and push around his bike. 

8:10am Convince him to get in the car by blasting his favourite song right now (Wiggle, Wiggle) and having a mini dance party. He says "Mommy Dance" so I do.

Excuse the horrible lighting in our garage!

8:20am Drop London off at daycare. He's happy to see his best buddy, Roman, and runs into the room without saying goodbye. 

8:21am I look in the window and he sees me and blows me a kiss and says "bye mama." My heart melts.

8:30am I arrive at work and check emails, facebook, twitter and bloglovin again. I'm wearing a new outfit today (hello fall wardrobe) so I head to the bathroom to take a selfie. I really need a full-length mirror at home!!

8:45am Story meeting with our anchor in Calgary. I've already assigned all the reporters their stories so we don't have much to chat about. It's a busy day.

9:15am Out the door for my first assignment. I'm a "celebrity" judge for a Firefighters Charity Calendar event Friday and we're doing a story to help promote the event. I like my job ;)

9:30am-11:45am More interviews then back to the office to write and edit. 

11:44am-1:00pm I convince my coworkers to go for lunch. We end up at a local pub with yummy food!

Keaton, Terry, Me, Taylor and Steve

1:10pm I pull over on the drive back to the office and snap a photo of the trees. The leaves look beautiful this time of year.

1:30-2:15pm Work. It's a busy afternoon and I'm working on a special project.

2:15pm Get a call from a lady about a story idea. She's landing at the airport at 2:45 so I recruit a camera guy and off we go to interview her. I forgot to take a photo during the interview so here's a selfie outside in the wind, haha!

3:45pm Back to the station. Make the assignment list for tomorrow. Check emails, Facebook, twitter, instagram, bloglovin one more time.

4:15pm Chat with my boss about the day and other random stuff like we do everyday.

4:25pm Leave work and go pick up London from daycare. I've missed him.

4:40pm I ask London if he wants to go to Montanas for supper since I found a gift card and don't feel like cooking. He says "McDonalds" so off we go...

5:05pm London decides he doesn't want anything so he proceeds to cry, scream and throw food. Good times with a toddler.

5:10pm London calms down when other kids show up. He finally eats some of my supper and goes to play in the play place while I work on this post.

5:30pm-7:00pm Head home and before we can even get inside London has grabbed hockey sticks to play. I convince him to let mommy got inside and change and then we head outside to play. Hockey, chalk, digging in the dirt and watering flowers. London FaceTime's with Jarod from the Toronto Maple Leaf's game which he thinks is so cool!

7:15pm Bath time and pjs.

7:45pm Skype with Nana and Grandpa while having a snack. 

8:15 Start the bedtime routine.

8:40pm He's asleep! (Early for him!)

8:45pm-9:15pm Finish this post

9:15-10pm Tidy up. Big Brother finale!

10:00pm Realize I didn't run today. Oh well, it happens! 

10:15pm Crawl into bed and finish the post. 

Hopefully asleep by 10:45... (Just have to check social media first)

11:20pm Asleep


  1. Your life seems awesome! Your job seems really entertaining!

  2. Jealous about the firefighters calendar. I was actually asked to do makeup for the Calgary firefighters calendar. Which involves bronzing abs. Very, very sadly I was on holidays at the time and had to decline.
    Your day looks busy.I really give credit to Moms who can manage their life, exercise and blog! I would probably go crazy.

  3. I really enjoy reading other people's "a day in the life of…" posts. It's interesting to see other people's "routines", etc. I just recently did one for my then 6-month old, and, after reading yours, I don't think parenthood ever gets less exhausting! Haha!

  4. The only thing that seems to be missing is the "massive amounts of caffeine" that *I* would've needed to keep that schedule.

  5. Your job definitely does not suck.

    You're a strong mama for getting through it all with such little sleep. I'd be exhausted and probably crying myself at McDonald's having to deal with a temper tantrum. <3

  6. Your post made me miss being a reporter!

  7. Busy!! Sounds like you have a fun job!! London is a ham! Oh toddlers!

    So when would you have run? Do you usually run with London or after he goes to bed?

    Nice outfit!

  8. Your job seems pretty darn awesome! I hope you get more sleep soon. i think sleep comes in waves! :)