Friday, August 29, 2014

Things I'm Loving Friday #20

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I didn't get to this post last week and it's one of my favourites so I'm glad yesterday was a little slow at work and I could share what I'm loving lately.


I realize I just posted about how much I love running in the morning but I've had to run at night the past two weeks. The last few days I've headed to one of my favourite spots in the city- Henderson Lake. It's amazing what a change of scenery can do. I also didn't track, or time, my run last night. I haven't done that in YEARS and it felt amazing! 


I signed up for a new run club next month and I'm excited to meet some new running friends. I was talking to a friend this week and I blurted out something that could be on a t-shirt!  It's true, I love my solo runs but sometimes running with friends is the best free therapy!


London has been doing okay at daycare. He still cries at drop off but not when I pick him up. He is happy to see me and always tells me stories about his day. I love all his teachers and I know they love him too. It's nice to not worry about him during the day. Earlier this week I opened his drawer, at daycare, to find his very first art project! I tried hanging it up on the fridge but he cried because he wanted to play with it and... eat the marshmallows!!


Since I haven't been running before London wakes up I've been using the BOB a lot lately. On Tuesday's run, the song WIGGLE came on and he giggled and dance the whole time. It made me smile and helped me forget how tough it is to run with a stroller sometimes!


I have a pretty exciting job. I never know, on a day-to-day basis, what my day is going to be like. My main beat is crime so I'm usually out covering spot news. This week, I was in court covering a few of the people recently charged with some local crimes. On Wednesday alone, I spent six hours there! You can only scroll through your social media feeds for so long so I'm glad I grabbed these puzzles as I was heading out the door. Between the other media present, and myself, we were able to get two of them finished. It made the day fly by!

It's a long weekend for many Canadians, but I work stat holidays so I'll be back in the office on Monday. Talk to you then!

Any long weekend plans?
Where's the last new location you ran/worked out in?
Do you prefer to run solo or with a group?

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  1. No long weekend plans really, maybe a bike ride and a market trip but that is it!
    I ran around the harbour in Victoria, so, so pretty, makes me jealous of those who can run there every day.
    I like to do both, I tend to talk way too much when running with others so it slows me down lol. But runs over 15km I need a partner!