Friday, August 8, 2014

Things I'm Loving Friday 18- Birthday Edition

It's VACATION time!! I'm about to hop on a plane and fly home to White Rock, B.C. to visit my family and friends for a week. I can't wait! London and I are excited to spend a week at the beach relaxing and resting. I'm taking a few days off from running because my knee started to give me some problems during my training run Tuesday.
I thought I would switch it up a little for this week's post. It's one month until my birthday so here are some things I'm adding to my birthday wish list. My husband and I don't do gifts anymore but, hey, a girl can dream ;)

I've been a fan of Mizuno Wave Riders since I first started running. I went to our local running room and got fitted for the right shoes. The sales person recommended a few and I went with these. I've had no problems with them. I've owned a lot of pairs (I rotate between two and try to retire them between 300-400 miles.) I'm wondering if my knee problem has anything to do with the fact I need  a new pair. My currently two have over 400 miles on them.

***Edited to add that I just got TWO pairs of these beauties thanks to a SportChek BOGO sale and an incredibly amazing awesome supportive husband!!! I can't wait to wear them when I'm back from vacation!***

I've been drooling over the Garmin Forerunner 220 for awhile. I have an earlier model but this has a lot of the cool training features I would love to be able to use. Plus, the automatic upload feature is awesome! 


I'm not sure why I love these pants so much. I think they're awesome and it would be the first piece of camo in my closet!


I picked a similar one up at the NYC Half Expo and lost it, the next day, along the course. I have a lot of flyaways (and bangs) and I need something to push back my hair off my face when I'm working out.


I've been on the hunt for this phone case for awhile but it's ALWAYS sold out! I even check ebay every once and awhile but haven't had any luck. If you find this can you PLEASE let me know!! Thanks :)


After reading Kim's post on hydrating properly, I realized I should probably start drinking more during my long runs. I've always wanted a Camelbak although, to be honest, I'm not sure how it would be to run with one. It's worth a try though!

So, there you have it, some things I'm adding to my birthday wish list. To be honest, I'll be happy with some quality time with my family, some "me" time to run, a yummy meal and a delicious treat for dessert. I'm pretty easy to please :)

Talk to you from White Rock!! 

When's your birthday?
Do you usually receive/exchange gifts with your loved ones?
What's on your birthday wish list this year?


  1. Have a great holiday and rest that knee :) IF you still have issues after your break, I have had great luck with acupuncture.
    Love Wave Riders! Did I tell you the dumb thing I did? I bought Nike's at a Running Room tent sale to "switch it up" dumb move, my legs HATE them I literally can wear them to walk and nothing else. Such a waste of $$.
    I want that watch too!
    September 12th is my birthday, we do exchange gifts. I have not thought too much about what is on my list but possibly the P90X3 workouts, and new shoes :)

    1. Oh no! Come back to the Mizuno side ;)

      Cant' wait to celebrate your birthday with you guys!! So many September babies!!

  2. Have a great vacation! At least your injury was timed nicely. ;)
    I have thought about a camelback too. Right now I have a hydration belt but it only has 2 bottles which isn't enough as I'm getting up in milage. But I hate having something on my back because it gets sweaty.

    1. Ha Ha, thanks!! That's what I was thinking. Although, I was really excited about some beach runs! They have Camelbak vests which also look great b/c you carry the weight on your waist and it doesn't look as heavy??

  3. Hope you have a wonderful holiday and spending time with your family!

  4. Happy birthday! Enjoy the beach! That's what I miss most about the west coast, being close to the ocean!

    1. Thanks!! I still have a month to go but I'm excited for the vacation!! I miss the ocean sooo much!!

  5. Yay for new shoes! I'm bad at making sure I have proper foot wear, ie shoes that are too old. I really should invest in quality shoes for running!!!

  6. Love White Rock!! Moby Dicks!! Yum!!
    My knee has been bothering me lately too. I think it's glutes and IT band related. I need to get fixed up.

    I get so many fly always too. I need a thick band though bc my head is small and thinner ones pop off. Annoying since that one looks cute!

  7. I'm a huge fan of Mizunos!!! They're so comfy and I wish I could wear 'em all day, everyday. My birthday wish for next year is for a hot guy to take me to Bora Bora.


  8. Im thinking about trying Mizuno, but I should probably go to the Running Room and see what would be best for me. I'm scared of trying something new and not loving them. Same thing as Linds, I was gifted a pair of gorgeous Nikes and my feet hate them. Walking or short short runs only in them. :( Also considering some Reeboks too. Too many choices!

    Have a great holiday!