Thursday, August 14, 2014

Things I'm Loving Friday #19

Hi everyone!

I've had a wonderful week in White Rock and am sad to be heading home tomorrow. I miss my family and wish I lived closer to them, and the ocean, all the time!

This weeks list could probably have 50 things on it, instead of 5!

Things I'm loving lately:

1.  Standup Paddleboarding

I have wanted to try SUP for a long time and finally got the chance yesterday. There's a company on the beach that rents them for 20 bucks an hour. After a quick 5 minute lesson we hauled our boards the 100+ feet to the water and got on. It was easy to standup and paddle and I only lost my balance a few times. I could feel my arms, core and legs working the whole time. To be honest, the toughest part was carrying the board to the ocean (note: do more strength training!)

2. Family/Cousin Time

It's no surprise I'm close with my family. Sadly, I only see my niece twice a year and her and London have only met three times. Honestly, it didn't matter. They were best buds for the three days they were together! I loved watching them play, laugh and cuddle! Spending time with my mom, stepdad and brother is always a good time as well! We can't wait to be together again at Christmas! 

3. Gelato Ice Cream

This is a daily staple when we are home. The first day we were here some strangers began videotaping London, as he ate, because he kept saying "mmm, yummy, delicious!" He was also a very big mess.

4. Runs Along The Beach

Okay, so I've only done one this week (thanks to my silly knee) but it was amazing! Running alongside the ocean always makes it seem effortless. The views are gorgeous and I love breathing in the ocean air. Plus, I got to stop and have a chat with my Nana at the half way point.

5. My Parents New Place

My mom and stepdad moved in to their new place a month ago. It's a two minute walk to the beach and has a big deck with a stunning view. She's got it decorated so nicely and, although I didn't grow up here, it already feels like home. 

Talk to you from my other home in Lethbridge soon!

Have a great weekend :)

What are you loving lately?
Where do you consider home?
Do you prefer the ocean, a lake or the swimming pool? 


  1. Fun! I want to do SUP this summer still. But I am terrified of water, especially open water so I will need a life jacket lol.
    I love running along the water, it was my fav in San Fran a few years ago when we were there and hopefully I can get some runs in next week on the island too.
    Home is Red Deer for me!
    London is too cute eating his gelato!

    1. Have so much fun on your vacation!! I LOVE Victoria and am a little sad we didn't get over there this trip!

  2. Glad that you had a fabulous time with your family!

    1. Thanks!! Hope you enjoyed your time off too! xx

  3. I tried SUP for the first time while we were in the Dominican Republic this summer, and I LOVED it!

    I prefer the ocean. Hands down.

    1. Me too!!! There's something about ocean air that I just love!!

  4. Love this whole post! SUP, ice cream, family!! So awesome and you look SO happy!!

    1. Thank you hun, I was!! I love spending time with my family AND being by the water :)

  5. Looks like you had lovely time at home! Your son and niece are adorable together. I'm a lake girl myself, but since moving to Australia, I have been to the ocean more times in the last 20 months than the rest of my life combined. My home is Deadwood, South Dakota where my mom and dad still reside.

    1. Thank you!! I love visiting my family! I've always wanted to go to Australia! Some of my friends worked there after college and have said amazing things! I have a friend in Sioux Falls, SD!!