Sunday, August 31, 2014

Half Marathon Training Update & Weekend In Review

Technically I have two weeks until the half  marathon this plan was created for (and I've been counting down to) but as I mentioned that changed when I signed up for back to back half marathons.

So, I'm running the Canmore Half next Sunday and the LRPS Half the following Saturday. Because of the second race, I've changed my last couple weeks of training:

I used Week 12 as a template this week.

Planned mileage: 21


Monday: 3.12 

Wednesday: ? (I went for a run and didn't keep track of my time or distance and took a lot of walk breaks. It was awesome and much needed.)

Saturday: 5 miles 

Sunday: 6.22 miles

I didn't hit my mileage goal this week and I'm okay with that. My plantar fasciitis has been acting up a little so I don't want to push myself! Plus, I'm planning to just run Canmore for fun and save my race legs for the LRPS run!

My goal for this week is to follow Week 13 of my training plan with 4 miles on Tuesday and 3 on Thursday and then repeat, next week, before my other race.

Now that I've talked about my training for the week, here's what else I got up to this weekend. 

Friday started off with a playdate (coffee-date) with one of my best friends Melissa. We have been best friends since we were eight and I'm lucky to have in the same city! London loves her too! We had fun playing and catching up!
After the park, it was a quiet night in with popcorn and a movie (Divergent-- which I enjoyed and still need to read the third book in the series!!)

Saturday: We headed to a nearby farm for a big Strawberry Festival and met up with friends. The kids had lots of fun playing while the parents caught up. It's been a busy summer for all of us and I'm looking forward to spending more time with them in the fall! After the festival, we headed to the mall for some shopping and a supper/ice cream date.

Sunday: A lazy start to the day thanks to London sleeping in followed big a big breakfast, a timbit "second breakfast, shopping for daycare stuff and reading books. I should have cleaned during naptime but decided to throw some laundry in instead and watch a movie (The Other Women-- just as funny the second time!) I went for a run after supper and then took it easy the rest of the night and watched Big Brother.

How was your weekend?
Are you training for an upcoming race? Which one? How's your training?
Favourite timbit (or donut) flavour?


  1. What have you been doing for plantar fasciitis? I have it also and like to hear what other people are doing for it.

    1. Lots of stretches I got from my PT, rolling with a frozen water bottle and golf ball work the best! Plus, reducing my mileage! Good luck! It's horrible but I've heard a lot of success stories so I'm optimistic :)

  2. The ice cream date is my favorite part of this post! :) Your little guy is adorable!

    1. Thank you!!! We both love our ice cream ;)

  3. I always get a sprinkle donut at Timmies, they're my fav, haha! BUT...have you ever had Safeway donuts!? They are the best donuts ever! Seriously, they will change your world and you will never want another Tim's donut again ;)

  4. I have had a bout of plantar fasciitis for months. It sucks :) Good luck with your half next weekend!

  5. Sounds like you had a pretty nice week! Good luck with your race and have fun! I am just coming off a recovery week and a training for a 15k in December- this will be my longest distance!