Monday, August 4, 2014

Almost On Vacation & Weekend in Review

Friday started off on a high note! I've been all of the map with clothing sizes the past few years. Between Crohns' flareups, surgery, getting pregnant and losing the baby-weight my body has changed a lot. Since we don't have a huge closet I just rotate in whatever fits. I had to move things around last week and came across one of my old favourite outfits. It was like buying something new! 

After work I picked up London from daycare (only a few quick tears) and then headed home for a family night. Since I was postponing Saturday's long run to Sunday I moved Sunday's run to Friday. I only had 30 minutes so I did a timed run.

Saturday, we were up bright and early. We had to be on the road at 7:15 to meet my friends Becky (and her son Liam) and Leigh (who is currently pregnant with her first baby) for a day at the zoo. I misplaced my phone for almost the whole three hours we were there but I managed to find it just in time to snap a few great photos! We had a lot of fun and it was awesome to spend time with the girls. This was actually my first time meeting Leigh and she is so cute and down to earth! I just wished we all lived closer. 

London was so good for the four hours of driving that I treated him to an ice cream cone when we got back to Lethbridge.

Even the sugar couldn't keep him up past 8:30! London fell asleep while watching Bubble Guppies on the IPad! He had a fun day!

Sunday morning I left the house at 7:30
for my long run. I had 10 miles planned and wanted to do the same route as last weekend. I used the first mile to warm up (9:30 pace) and then fell into a comfortable pace. I took in fuel at miles 1, 4 and 7. My legs felt great but I wish I would have brought more than one bottle of water. It was hot and humid!

You can read more about my half marathon training update in my weekly training update HERE.

After the run I spent some time cleaning up toys and playing with London and then watched two episodes of Orange Is The New Black (I'm addicted!!) while he napped before heading to the park for a family play date! 

We had a BBQ for supper (hamburgers for the boys and a veggie burger for me) and enjoyed some more playtime before calling it an early night.

Tomorrow is a holiday in Canada but I have to work stats (news never stops) BUT I'm going on vacation starting Friday at noon and can't wait!!! I'm heading to Vancouver (White Rock) to visit my family and friends.

I can't wait to walk along the beach and swim in the ocean!

How was your weekend?
Have any vacation time coming up?
How many weeks holiday do you have at your job?
Have you been to the ocean?


  1. Sounds like such a fun weekend!! :) WE love that park in Paradise... we just got back from there! :)

    I can not wait for our vacation.. unfortunately I have SO much going on in between then... I feel like I have no time to plan!! eek!

  2. So great seeing you at the zoo. I definitely wish we lived closer, but luckily Calgary is in the middle and we can do lots of fun stuff there!
    No more vacation for me. I'm saving up for Christmas. I only have about 5 days left. I get 4 weeks but had to use a lot earlier in the year with Liam being sick so much, then our Vancouver trip and a week off in July.

    1. I have used a fair amount of my sick days on London (or myself when he passes it to me) as well! It's tough! Can't wait to see you guys again! :)

  3. I love finding old favorites in my closet that I haven't worn in a while! It always feels like bonus. I'm taking a vacation at the end of summer to Canada for a triathlon. Can't wait. I just went on vacation in June, but I already feel like I need another one!

    1. That's awesome! Which Tri are you doing? I also went away for a week in July but feel like I need another one, haha! :)

  4. Love finding stuff in my closet I haven't worn in a while, so much cheaper than shopping!!! You are too cute!!!! :)