Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Rainy Vacation Day & Injury FREE!!!

First of all..My knee is feeling 100% and I'm ready to start running again as soon as my new shoes arrive Thursday! Regular running posts to resume shortly... 

I am having a great vacation. Our days are filled with long walks, swims in the ocean and ice cream along the strip.

Today, it rained. 

Instead of trying to entertain an almost-two-year-old at home mom and I decided to head across the border to go shopping. Mom lives in White Rock which is a five minute drive from Washington.

We left early and only had a twenty minute wait at the border before we made our way to Bellingham. 

Our first stop was Bellis Fair where I stocked up on birthday presents for London's friends at H and M, grabbed my favourite pretzels and then went straight to Target for a few of my American favourites.

London got a new pair of shoes from Payless (18 bucks-score!)

He was a trooper through a late lunch and stayed awake for the drive to my favourite US store...

We stoked up on cowboy bark, almond and cookie butter and a few other treats. It was a good haul!

On the way home, mom stopped for gas and I wanted to spend my last few American dollars and found these!! 

Soooo good!!

It was a nice break from the beach and hot weather and I got a lot of goodies! Yes, 90 percent food treats!

Also, why do passport photos make everyone look like a criminal? ;)

Hope you had a great day! 

What's your favourite "American" treat?


  1. OMG CHOBANI. I'm so jealous now. :(

  2. Gahh all of my favorites! And watermelon Chiobani!?! How was it, sounds delish!!

    How does London even look like a criminal LOL! Glad you're having a great vacay!

  3. So jealous that your mom lives so close to the states!

  4. I cannot wait until my next US trip to hit up Trader Joes. Looks like you got some great stuff!