Friday, July 11, 2014

Things I'm Loving Friday XIV

1. This Mosquito Spray

Technically it's a bug repellant but it works and smells amazing! It's all natural and safe for the whole family. The base has Avocado Oil and Aloe Vera and it's infused with Coconut and Lime Oil. It's a little pricey at 17 bucks but well worth it! Thanks for the recommendation Court! The bugs are horrible right now!

2. These Marshmallows 

We made s'mores the other night and my mother-in-law brought out these jumbo Marshmallows. They're a game changer! They take longer to cook the middle but, if you're careful, you'll get a nice crispy toast all the way through. (<yes, I'm a s'mores expert!) 

3. Running Magazines

It's no secret I love running but I also like reading about running. There's bucket list races, training plans, inspiring stories and more! If you need something to help you fall back in love with running try picking up one of these. 

4. Lake Running

I know I've mentioned this before but running on vacation is great. I especially love running at the lake. I have to take one of two gravel roads that are pretty much deserted. It's just me, alone with my thoughts, and a gorgeous view of the water. 

5. London Selfies

I give London my phone to watch Bubble Guppies or youtube videos. I found these the other day and still can't stop laughing when I see them!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

6. Watching London and Brooks play together.

My favourite part of this vacation has been spending time with Courtney and her son. Not only did I get some much needed quality time with my best friend but I got to watch our boys play, giggle and cuddle. 

We're heading out on the lake for our last full day here! Hope everyone has a great weekend!! 

Talk to you from Lethbridge!

What are you Loving lately?


  1. I'm loving this heat wave! It's so hot in my condo which sucks, but I love being outside in the hot sun.
    where did you get that bug spray? I bought some natural stuff too but it doesn't always seem to work.

    1. I got it at a store in Moose Jaw but I just googled it and you can get it online but the website is down right now it seems.

  2. I NEED THAT BUG LOTION/SPRAY/WHATEVER. Where did you find it? The mosquitos JUST made an appearance in the mountains and I'm dying.

    1. Ugh they are brutal but his actually works and makes you smell nice! I got it at a store in Moose Jaw but I just googled it and you can get it online but the website is down right now it seems.

  3. I bought that bug spray (at West Coast Kids) and didn't find it very good :( The bugs ate us alive at our race last weekend.

    I love running magazines too! I need to pick some up.

    I'm loving this heat!

    The lake looks lovely!

    Toddler selfies are the best!!