Thursday, July 24, 2014

Things I'm Loving Friday 16

Another edition already? This week FLEW by!!

1. Morning Workouts

I started working out again before work and am loving it! Yes, it isn't always easy to get out of bed at 5am (especially when your child is up until almost 11!!!) but it's worth it. I plan on writing a post about my morning workouts, and how I stay motivated, next week! 

Despite cold showers, I'm always a sweaty beast for an least a half hour after a good workout which makes putting on makeup and blow drying my hair interesting... ;) 

2. Kettlebell Workouts

Okay, I'm really trying to step up my strength training game and when I went to grab my weights tonight I saw my kettle bell tucked into the back of the closet. I did a short circut but built up a good sweat. 

London wanted to workout too!! He's so strong!! 

3. The Each Coach Community

I'm a part of a lot of awesome online communities. One of them, is Each Coach. It's a community of runners who help runners. You basically help coach other runners after you log a run. And, they pick races and get you to set a goal which is printed in The National Post They believe goals hold you accountable and act as great motivation. I agree! You can learn more about them Online at Some weeks, they ask the community for advice and publish the answers. This weeks question was "what's one thing about running you wish someone would have told you before you started?"

Can you see me? ;)


Most nights London and I come home, play, make supper, play, have a bath and then watch an episode of Bubble Guppies before books and bed. I love my evenings with my little man.

5. THIS Song

I have been listening to this song on repeat lately! It's ridiculous but extremely catchy! We had a 20 minute dance party tonight! It's also on my training playlist 
and gets me pumped up when I'm running! 

What are you loving lately!
Any exciting plans for the weekend?
What would you rather have... A chef, a personal trainer or a housekeeper? 


  1. Personal trainer... hands down!! :) I would love to take cooking classes too! Hey we should totally go to one of those cooking classes downtown! How fun would that be?!

  2. I am a huge fan of waking up early and getting work outs done before the family wakes up. That time is purely mine and it sets the tone for the day.

    I have a personal trainer (and he's ruthless) so I'd go with a housekeeper... that way I could cook! I'm pretty picky about how my food is prepared and like knowing what's going into things, plus I get enjoyment from cooking. NOT SO MUCH from cleaning. ;)

  3. I love cooking so would not want a chef, and like cleaning too BUT it does take away from "fun" time so I would go with a housekeeper. I also am not a personal trainer fan, I feel like I know myself better than someone else when it comes to fitness and like doing my own thing more.
    You are my inspiration for morning workouts, good for you! It is my plan once I am back to work since Chad goes to the gym after work so if we both did we'd have to put A in care there and after her being in dayhome all day not sure I would want that!

  4. ooooh that's a tough question! I would ultimately want all three! I would love a personal trainer to set up a fitness and meal plan that can be done at home. I would love a personal chef to make clean and healthy meals for me to coincide with my new fitness plan. Most of the time I like to clean but I could use some extra help to give my house a good deep clean at least once a month!

  5. Nice job getting up that early and working out! I am so not a morning person and would prefer to workout at lunch or after work. And that wiggle song....oh boy! My husband is addicted to it and I might just kill him if I hear it or him sing it one more time. The lyrics are the most ridiculous thing ever....go ahead and ham sammwich (yes, those are actually the lyrics!). Have a great weekend!

  6. Hmmm... tough choices, but I'd go with a personal trainer because sometimes I lack the motivation to really push myself in the gym.And, call me crazy, but I actually enjoy cleaning my house! And cooking! But, then again, I'm a single lady and don't make much of a mess.

    I'm so excited for this weekend. I have some fun Calgary adventures in the works. :)