Sunday, July 13, 2014

Half Marathon #4 Training Update

This weekend flew by! We spent 7 hours driving home from vacation. You can read our trip recap HERE

Today, I woke up early and ran a 5K on the treadmill while London played. Ignore the bed head ;)

We spent the afternoon visiting with our good friend's, Jordan and Tina, baby boy Declan! He was born July 2nd and is so teeny tiny and just perfect! I got in a few minutes of cuddling before London got a bit jealous! I look forward to more visits and watching our boys grow up together. I have a feeling they're going to be great friends ;) 

Week 4 of Half marathon #4 training is officially finished and the LRPS Half is exactly two months away! <Crazy!! It was my first half marathon and I'm looking forward to running it again. It's nice to travel for races but it's also nice to sleep in your own bed before a half marathon ;)

That's London and I at the finish line last year! 

I'm excited for the race as I feel like I haven't raced in ages (it's been a month, I have a problem!!) I'm also excited because a few of my blogger-turned-real-life-friends are coming to Lethbridge for a fun weekend of racing and birthdays (We are pretty much all September babies!!)

Here's how my training went this week.



Monday: Off

Tuesday: 3.12 miles (Tempo) 25:58 8:19/pace

Wednesday: 6.22 miles (Regular Run) 58:11 9:21/pace

Thursday: Off

Friday: 3.5 miles (Hills) 31:29 8:59/pace

Saturday: 7 miles (Long Run) 1:07:23 9:47/pace

Sunday: 3.12 miles (Treadmill RR) 26:44 8:33/pace 

Total Miles: 23
Monthly Miles: 41.3
Monthly Goal: 70

Time to tackle Week 5...

Are you training for a race?
How did your runs go this week?
Do you like to travel for races or race at home?


  1. Oh gosh, two months away? I feel so far from ready to do that 10k! But looking forward to a fun weekend!

    1. You'll be fine!!! Jarod can always watch Liam with London so you don't have to push the stroller too! :)

  2. I WISH I was training for a fun race. Even if I wanted to, I'm not physically capable of anything high impact yet. Yesterday I was out for a walk, and this terrifying/relentless/monster sized bug kept trying to attack me. I was so freaked out that I tried running away from it and it was like this pathetic walk/jog/limp. Hahahha

    1. Is it bad I just laughed out loud when I read this and thought about how terrified I would be, hahaha! I HATE bugs!! I wish you were feeling better :(