Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Goal Check-In- 2014 Halfway Point

Well, it's hard to believe but 2014 is already half over! I swear, every since I became a mommy, time flies!

So at the end of December of last year I set some goals for the upcoming year. 

Time to take a look back at what they were and how I'm doing!!

1. PR at the NYC Half. I want to beat my 2:09:20 time. I'd love to do it in under two hours but have heard the hills in Central Park are brutal. I'd be happy with 2:05:00.

I DID IT! I finished in 1:54:14 and crushed my goal! I finished half marathon #3 a few months later at 1:54:39. Time for a new running goal....

2. Put down my phones (work and personal) while at home and spend more time focused on London. I'm guilty of carrying it around with me everywhere and responding instantly to texts or messages. They can wait. 

This is a work in progress. I just had a chat with my husband about still wanting to be better about this. 

3. Spend more one on one time with Jarod. 

Now that my mom has gone, it's a little difficult. We don't have family close-by and I don't feel comfortable leaving London with a babysitter. We have our time after London goes to bed and lots of family time (<which makes me happy!)

4. Have more sex.

Now that my mom reads this blog I realize I probably shouldn't have added this one, haha! 

5. Get pregnant (see above.) Have a healthy pregnancy. Continue to work out if possible.

Not pregnant but still would like to have a baby sometime next year. 

6. Make time for friends. Try and make plans, at least, once a month.

YES!! Thanks to a little show called The bachelorette, I get to see a few of my girlfriends weekly! We bring good food, drink wine and chat over the show. It's great!! 

7. Spend more time with just mom. She watches London all day so we don't see each other much outside of that. Try and go for lunch or coffee dates without him. She's leaving in July, so I need to make the most of our time together.

Mom is gone now but I think we did a good job of this. I would have liked more time together obviously. I miss her like crazy! :( 

8. Spend less money. Avoid online shopping.

I am killing at this!! I unsubscribed from all the shop emails (except lulu and oiselle) and avoid getting sucked in to "awesome sales" that happen every other day! I still buy the odd thing but I'm no where near as bad as I was!

And, just because he's cute, here's London having fun in the bath tonight. He likes to dip his ears under water and yell because it sounds funny! Such a little goofster!

Do you set goals for the new year?
How is it the middle of July?!!! 


  1. Some great goals for the year! Those online shopping emails are killer. Great idea to unsubscribe and limit the temptation.

    1. I had to!!! My credit card was getting out of control. During nighttime feedings with London I would be on my phone looking for deals. I must have spent HUNDREDS at lulu lemon alone!! This is better for my sanity and my marriage hahahaha!

  2. Great goals! I think that is a great idea with the email subscriptions too. It is bad! I need to scale back too, mat leave as you know is not the best $$ lol.
    I would also like to know how its July! Three months till I got back to work - how?!