Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Daycare From A Mom's Perspective: Our First Week

London started daycare this week. After a year with my mom I knew it was going to be a tough transition for all of us.

It took a year of calling, every month, but we got in to our top pick! That was a huge relief!

The owners wanted to do a slow start so we did two hours Monday. I spent the weekend talking up daycare and how much fun he was going to have. We even picked out a new outfit for the occasion. 

The nice thing is, London's good buddy Roman goes to the same daycare so he was waiting for us at the door. I gave London a hug and a kiss and said goodbye. He looked sad and confused that I was leaving and it broke my heart. 
When I went back two hours later he was playing cars with Roman and laughing. He saw me and sprinted over saying "mama" and I scooped him up for a big hug. 

We spent the rest of the day together having fun. I even treated us to frozen yogurt. 

Tuesday he was scheduled to go for six hours. He cried when I dropped him off and stood in the window sobbing as I waved goodbye. I cried the whole way home and a few times throughout the day. I missed him and just wanted to know how he was doing. I finally called the daycare and the owner said he was playing in the sandbox and was doing great! 

My heart was happy to hear that so I alleviated some extra stress by going for a run. Running really does make everything better.

I was early to pick him up so I sat in my car for an hour (really early) reading twitter and blogs.

When I picked London up at 2:30 she told me he had slept for an hour (wahoo!) and had a good lunch. He was really happy to see me so we went to the park to celebrate.

Today, was the hardest day of the week. He was scheduled to spend a full 8 hours there. I talked it up all morning and we sang songs the whole way there. When we got there, he seemed fine. Then, one of the ladies tried to grab him from me and he started getting hysterical. The ladies and I had to peel him off of me and he was sobbing as I waved goodbye through the window. It truly broke my heart. I ended up calling again around 10 and he was in the sandbox with Roman playing. The owner said he was having some separation anxiety but that was normal. 

I was feeling stressed and guilty so I went for another run. My legs were exhausted and I had lots on my mind so I quit after 5 miles.

I went to go pick him up at 4:30 but was early again so I picked up a slurpee and parked around the corner for a bit. 

When I finally went inside the ladies said he had a good day but got a little upset when someone else's mama came to pick him up and it wasn't me. Then, when he saw me he burst into tears and when he reached me, and I scooped him up, he said "hi mama, dump trucks sandbox" and started giggling through his sniffles. I also got the longest, tightest hug. I also found out he made a new friend :) 

We made it home and had our nightly walk to the mailbox and I plan on spending the rest of the evening with my little boy! I missed him!

My holidays are over so tomorrow it's our new normal. 

I know daycare is the best choice for us but I miss meeting him and my mom for coffee and lunch multiple times during the week and being able to text for updates whenever I wanted. I also really miss the daily photos!

Being a parent is tough. You have to make decisions for your family that are difficult. I don't really feel guilty for having to send London to daycare but I worry about him. I worry about him being scared, if he's getting enough attention/food/water/sleep, if he knows I'm coming back. I just worry.

My mom always told me you never stop worrying about your kids. To this day, she still tells me to drive safe and call when I get home. I know exactly what she means now!

Parents: Is your child in daycare? How did they do the first week(s?) When did it get easier?

If you're not a parent, do you think you will put your kids in childcare or be a stay at home mom/dad? 


  1. It definitely gets easier. You obviously chose this daycare for certain reasons - reasons that were important to you and how London is being cared for. As a mama, all I can say is trust your instincts. You're right in that you will always worry, but trust me, it gets easier. I went back to work after 8 months, and luckily we had the option for Mitch to stay home, which definitely eased me into leaving Palmer with a dayhome. Similar to your situation; you were able to go back to work, but left London with someone you whole heartedly trust - I think this made the transition easier for us (ME) for sure! Palmer has been at her dayhome since January, and there are still days when she's upset when I leave her, but it makes my heart happy to see her when I show up and she looks like she LOVES playing with the other kids. The social aspect is going to be so great for London!

    Good luck back to work tomorrow! He and you will both do great!!!

  2. I am sure he will do great and it will get easier! I don't have kids yet but hope my mom will be able to stay with them when I do and have to go back to work, but time will tell what the options are when I come to that time! I went to a babysitter when I was young and have great memories from that time.

    1. Thanks! I also went to a dayhome and my mom said I LOVED it! I'm hoping, once he gets settled, he will too!

  3. Like I've already been texting you, it WILL get easier. There are still times I want to cry dropping Liam off but I'm so confident in the day home, I'm always at ease.

    It can take a few weeks to adjust to being left but like Alycia said, trust your instinct and try not to worry TOO much. <3

  4. It will get easier. Kids are amazingly adaptable. It sounds like a good place and he has a friend there, so he will quickly get used to the routine (and there will even be days he wants to stay there at the end of the day LOL). Hang in there. (And before you know it, daycare days will be a thing of the past and you'll be dropping him off at middle school. Or maybe that's just me trying to figure out how my kids got so old so fast…)

    1. It does go by soooo fast!!!!! Thanks for your kind words and support! It's been a tough week!