Thursday, June 5, 2014

Working Out With A Toddler

I knew I wanted to get back in shape after I had London. I had gained a significant amount of weight (60 pounds) and was ready to give up the maternity pants (even though they're amazing) and get back into my normal wardrobe.

I've had some people ask how I managed to work out with a baby and how I continued to work out and train for three half marathons and 10+ other races when he was an infant and now a toddler.


I started going for walks with London when I was given the all clear at 4 weeks. I had a c-section and had to stay off my feet for, extended periods of time, for about a month.

A month later, in February 2013, we started running outside. I put him in his bucket seat and snapped it into our Bob. I would usually plan our runs around nap time but he would usually wait to fall asleep until I was almost done (forcing me to stay out longer, haha!)

Cheering me on at a 5K race

I trained for my first half marathon mostly with the running stroller or on the treadmill while I was on maternity leave. I was running every single day (as part of my run streak) so London got used to being in the stroller and he STILL loves it! We even did 10 miles together one day!! 

These days, we usually get out together about twice a week for a run of 3-5 miles. Now that he's older he loves to say "hi mama, go faster" or "up" when we're going up a hill! He's a great personal trainer and I love taking him with me! I hope he loves running as much as I do someday!

My running buddy


When London was younger he loved being held. He basically refused to nap in his crib and was happiest to just be in my arms. While I did take advantage of this (a LOT) I knew I also needed to work in some exercise. I would put him in our Moby or Ergo and head outside for a walk or pop in a DVD and follow along with an exercise video with him tucked safely away. He loved the motion and would usually fall asleep. The extra weight makes for an even better workout!


I got a treadmill in December 2012 and was committed to become a runner again. I would put London is his bouncy chair or exersaucer and allow him to entertain himself while I ran. He would usually last about 20-30 minutes.

These days, I pop in a cartoon DVD (usually an episode of Bubble Guppies) and he will sit quietly in his chair in the basement and watch the show while I run. There are 22 minute and 44 minute episodes so I usually pick based on how long I want to run. If it ends before I'm finished he'll usually pick up some of his toys and start playing. I can usually squeeze in about 5 miles with him close by.


London obviously couldn't run when he was younger but he loved to swim. Swimming is a good workout and, as they get older and start walking, it's a GREAT workout (for YOU!) We go to the outdoor pools in the summer and he takes lessons in the winter/spring. London also loves to get involved when I'm doing my workout DVD's. He usually picks up my lightest pair of weights and tries to copy mama. I don't always get the BEST workout (because I'm usually trying to make sure he doesn't drop them on his feet) but it still gets me moving and sweating and it allows me to lead by example. Last night, he even pushed ME on his bike. The weights are paying off- he's STRONG! ;)


Of course, there are times when I want to go on a run, by myself, or attend a class at the gym. These days, I rely on my mom and husband to help. Thankfully, I have a (mostly) supportive husband who knows that exercise makes me happy! For the days, no one can help. or when I don't want to give up time with my family, I wake up at 5am, before London gets up, or use nap time, to get my workout in. This is how I trained for the NYC Half when I had to fit in 30-40 miles a week!

So, there you have it, a few tips for working out with a baby, infant and toddler! I hope London continues to love being in the running stroller. I'd love to continue our healthy habit when we welcome baby number two someday!

Mamas/Dads, how do you make time to exercise with or without your child?


  1. YOU are awesome and such an inspiration! Your hard work and dedication shows! xo

  2. Awesome post! I have always worked out during Avery's morning nap, or since I was cleared at 6 weeks pp. I also agree that running outside with them during naps is awesome, fresh air for them too :) I also really loved Mom and Baby Yoga class which we did for 4 months and now I do it at home and Avery loves to watch me.

    1. I'm lucky London likes to watch me (or at least stay in the same room as me, haha!) It helps to have a tv (and bubble guppies) close by! ;)

  3. You are such an amazing and inspiring mama, and you look amazing.

    As you know, I am taking Liam for runs when I can but otherwise I workout after he's in bed. Someone needs to invent more time in a day so I can take him to the gym with me without feeling guilty of not spending enough time with him.

    1. Thank you lady!! You also look incredible!! I wish there was more time in the day as well!!

  4. Great post Kaella! Involving your child while exercising is a great way to be motivated, and hopefully lead them to exercising one day too!

  5. This is awesome!! And you look great!!

    1. THANK YOU!! More I want to accomplish but I'm getting there! Definitely happy with how far I've come!