Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wellness Wednesday & Bedroom Makeover

After a brief hiatus because of scheduling conflicts, Wellness Wednesday is back at my office.

Four of us are planning to either bike or run home from work. I'm the only one running today so I'll likely leave about 20 minutes before the others so I can have a bit of a head start.  I also live the furthest from the station (about 6.5 miles) so I am going to try and make it home within an hour. I have to run up Whoop Up (<HUGE hill) so I want to give myself a little extra time for that.

Running up a steep hill:



Last night, I painted another dresser in our master bedroom. Thanks to Tawnya and Alycia's recommendations I finally took the plunge and picked up some chalk paint. SERIOUSLY GUYS, this stuff is AMAZING!! It's soooo easy (<and I'm completely useless when it comes to anything crafty!!!) Our bedroom was already grey and white (with a grey feature wall) but the dressers didn't match. I am painting two of them light purple and the other one I am going to switch out for a new one to match the bedroom set we've been eyeing up at Ikea.

I didn't take very good before and after shots but here's an idea of what it used to look like compared to now.

                                                I had to throw a filter on since the lighting wasn't the greatest!

 The flowers in the vase are actually my mom's but she let me steal them since they matched the room perfectly! I have to pick up some replacements before she leaves. I also want to get a HUGE mirror from IKEA to go alongside the wall, opposite our big window.

Mom has been such a HUGE help on the makeover. She is so talented when it comes to things like that. (THANKS MOM!!)  Speaking of mom, she leaves in three sleeps. Today, we met for coffee and an asiago cheese pretzel at Starbucks (our weekly routine) for probably the last time :'(

I'm taking Friday off to spend the whole day with her and London. It's starting to hit me that she's actually moving back home soon...

Hope you're having a great day!!  This time next week I'll be getting ready for a WEEK off! Woot Woot!

Oh, and I need your help. I have to return these dresses and can't decide! Which one do you think I should keep???


  1. I am so not crafty! Pinterest makes me think I might be one day though.

    1. HAHAHAHA yes I agree!! My husband is at the point where he would rather I go and spend the money on exactly what I want instead of trying to "create" something that I'll end up throwing away LOL!!!

  2. Side table looks AWESOME!! Yay! So easy hey?! I think you should keep the purple dress... it's SO flattering! I love it! xo

  3. The table looks great!!! And yes. SO EASY!!!! I have a whole pile of other DIY's to do now that I know how simple it is! Your room looks great!! :)

    and the purple dress! Its cute!!!

  4. Where did you buy the chalk paint from? We got a crib from our BIL/SIL and it's a bit banged up on the front. I was thinking of painting it with chalk paint, but unsure of where to buy it (and no we don't need it day down the road!)

    1. It's sooo easy! Benjamin Moore and they have LOADS of colour options. Our furniture was seriously beat up and looks amazing now! It's 35 bucks for a can and we've done two dressers and barely used any of it! Get the wax to seal it... it's worth it!

  5. Great job on the run home!

    Great bedroom makeover. Chalk paint is awesome! I should redo our bedroom furniture with it- never thought about that!

    I like the purple dress on the right.