Thursday, June 19, 2014

Saying goodbye & a CRAZY work week!

Today I took the day off work to help pack up my parent's house and say goodbye to my stepdad (my mom is living with us for about 10 days before she goes back to White Rock!) 

I started the day with a quick 5K run and some stretching before my boys woke up. It was a sweaty one!

I picked up breakfast and headed over to my parents house and then we started loading.

(London's face after running into the tv cabinet, face first, last night!)

London wasn't sure what was happening, and was quite upset, so I spent more of the morning with him at the park.

Unfortunately, I got called in to work so I could only stay a few hours. It was hard to say goodbye to Lester but I'm happy I'm going to visit him and my mom in August!

My mom and stepdad moved here last year to take care of London and spend time with us. It was amazing! I can never say thank you enough. They are truly the most supporting, loving and FUN parents! I am so lucky!! 

Work has been very stressful this week and I've been working some 14-15 hours days. I haven't been spending as much time with my family as I would like so I'm hoping things calm down soon. I'm also hopefully no one else has their property flooded!! 

What's happening in your life lately? Tell me something random!

Are you close with your parents? 


  1. Good job on the run! Hope works starts to slow down for you! It's so hard to balance everything.

    So awesome that your parents moved to be near you for the last year! I'm fairly close with my family.

    1. Thanks!!! And yes, I'm hoping for a slow weekend!!

      It was so awesome, after 13 years in different provinces, to have them here!! Thank god for holidays... And Skype! I'm going to miss them!

  2. I don't know about you but I need SLEEP!