Saturday, June 7, 2014

Race Recap: Ladiesfest 8K

This morning I ran Ladiesfest. It's an 8km ladies-only event. I love this race. The atmosphere is great and you can tell there's a lot of ladies doing this, for fun, with their girlfriends.

I had lots of friends running including  Leighann, Tawnya and Katie. The four of us arrived at the same time (7:30 for an 8am start) and made our way into a nearby hotel to keep warm and use the washrooms. We posed for our mandatory pre-race photo beforehand ;)

I didn't end up lining up with them because I was planning to run a different pace. I ended up about five or six rows back from the start. 

When the airhorn went off I wished I would have started closer to the front. Most of the people in front of me were running in packs and/or walking which made it hard to get around. I ended up wasting a lot of time and energy weaving in and out for the first kilometer.

We hit the downhill portion and people started flying by me. I'm not a fast downhill runner and it's tough on my knees. I was still a little quick. My first mile came in at 8:02.

The course then winds through the river valley. It's absolutely gorgeous. I kept thinking "I should take a photo for the blog" but wanted to just enjoy the view. 

Mile 2 8:29
Mile 3 8:29

At the 5K point there's a few little hills and one decent one. This is also the turn around point so you were sharing a narrow path making it tough to pass anyone.

Mile 4: 8:39

And then we hit the dreaded hill! My goals for the race were to finish sub 45 and run the whole race, including the hill. It starts by taking you up a winding path to the actual "big" hill.

THIS is the hill. About 3/4 mile straight up!

It gets steeper the closer you get to the top! I wanted to keep it around a 10-11 minute mile. My mind kept telling me to walk "just for a minute" but I kept pushing through the exhaustion. I was breathing heavy, thirsty and tired. I did manage to smile for a selfie about half way up...

(See the bridge down there? That's where we started the climb!)

I got to the top of the hill and made my way to the finish time. I had no plans to sprint but this girl passed me near the end so I sped up and took her over (a little friendly competition ha ha!) 

Mile 5 10:08

They were handing out flowers and chocolate at the finish which I happily took!

Official time 43:46 a new PR!!!
66/610 overall and 22/137 in my age group. Average pace 8:48/mile or 5:29/kilometer  

Then it was time to cheer on the other ladies! Nicki, Leighann, Katie and Tawnya all did amazing and beat their goals!! Leighann is 35 weeks pregnant and totally my inspiration!! I hope I can run like her when we decided to have another baby someday!

I decided to skip the free brunch (shocker, I know) because London was at home sick but I had packed some snacks in the car which I enjoyed on the drive home. I also swung by Tim Hortons to grab mom a coffee (she so graciously offered to watch London for me!!) a bagel and some timbits. 

Then it was time to update the race bib wall! Can't wait to see this full some day!

Well, another race in the books! Thanks Runners Soul and all the volunteers for another great race! Two more coming up
this month making it 4 races in June! 


  1. I wish I would have started further ahead too, I also wasted SO much energy weaving in and out of people (incredibly frustrating).

    Also...YAY! So incredibly proud of you, what a great time and way to go busting your butt up that hill! I was short of breath WALKING it! HAHA! You are such an inspiration to me!

    1. You did GREAT!! Happy you are back running and racing again but hoping it gets easier for you soon! xxx

  2. Congratulations! Your time was amazing - especially with that GD hill of death. Come to Canmore so we can go running together!! :)

    1. YES PLEASE!!!! I am desperately in need of a trip to the mountains!

  3. Hey - I got here from the link party on the Fitfluential Facebook page. Love your blog! Yay for Canadian runners!

    1. Thanks for finding me!! I'm off to check out yours as well... I love connecting with other Canadian runners too!! :)

  4. Congratulations on a great run! Looks like a fun race- might have to do it one year!

    1. YES!!! It's so fun (minus the hill, haha!) Come next year!!!

  5. I love your Oiselle pink tank! Congrats on another awesome run. You're a machine.

    1. Thanks Lindsay!!! I'm starting to really love Oiselle and, now a Calgary company carries them, so I may have to buy more!! My legs are STILL sore after that darn hill! Proud of my time but glad I won't be racing up it again anytime soon ;)