Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Listening To Your Body

When I was doing my run streak I didn't always listen to my body. There were days I knew I probably should have taken off to let my body rest (including when I had the stomach flu!!) Those were the days I kept my run to a minimum one mile. It was silly, but I was determined to reach my goal of one year.

After the NYC Half in March, I got injured. I was forced to stop streaking and had to take almost five weeks off running. It was probably the best thing for me. It helped me realize that it's okay to take days off and not feel guilty. While I did lose some fitness, and speed, it wasn't hard to build back up. It took me about 5 weeks to get back to where I was. If you're only taking a few days off, you won't lose any fitness or speed!

 I have been a lot smarter since NYC. I take time off when I need to and allow my body to rest and recover.

After finishing the Calgary Half Marathon and Ladiesfest, this month (less than a week apart!) I knew I wanted to take a few days off running. I haven't ran since the race on Saturday. My legs were sore for three days and then, yesterday, I came down with a fever, aches and chills. I'm feeling better today, and want to run, but am going to a movie tonight with my mom and some friends instead. I've temporarily shifted my focus from running to movie popcorn for the day ;)

Sometimes, a few days away from running is the best thing for you. I begin to miss it and crave it! It helps me rediscover why I even started in the first place.

1. Have you seen "The Fault In Our Stars?" That's what we're going to see tonight. I read the book, and cried, so I am packing kleenex in my purse!

2. Do you work out every day or take days off?

Have a great day!


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  1. Gahh! I wish I could come tonight! Have fun and don't cry TOO much haha!

    Also... I think I have to many 'rest' days lately... hahaha

  2. I definitely do not workout every day. I wish that I could, but some days I just can't fit it in and others I'm just too exhausted :( I always feel guilty those days. I'm ok with a break to let my body recover, but when I don't NEED the break is when it bugs me.

    1. I know what you mean! I don't know how you single-mamas do it!!! You look AMAZING!

  3. I definitely take days off. Listening to your body is so important especially to prevent injuries. Just like you, I have learnt that the hard way.

  4. Good for you! I did not do this a few years ago and it ended up with fertility issues, thankfully it all sorted out fairly quick and with some time off everything got back on track. So now I am much more aware of this.
    Enjoy the movie, I am hoping to go soon too! Loved the book.

  5. I try not to take rest days but rather active rest days- walking the dog, doing some light yard work, playing catch, that sort of thing. But some days you have nothing left and have to listen to your body for sure!

    1. Absolutely!!! I guess I technically am out walking or playing with my son, most nights, so I usually have active rest days as well. Sometimes I just want to relax and do nothing though!