Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Dear London- 20 months

Dear London,

This week (June 1st) you turned 20 months. Once again, I'm flabbergasted by how quickly time flies when you become a mama. When people ask how old you are I still say a year and a half but you are quickly getting "closer to two."

London you are a typical boy. You love your food, a lot, are messy, loud and play hard. You are also a mama's boy and come running to me when something is wrong or when you want cuddles and you call for me all the time (especially when you wake up.)

Your vocabulary continues to explode. You repeat EVERYTHING your daddy and I say. Your favourite word is "hot dog" which you know is funny and we all usually laugh after you request them for EVERY meal. You recognize the alphabet and when we sing it you repeat "I, I, I, I" to the tune. It's hilarious! You can also count to three. You continue to put three, sometimes four, words together. You love watching videos with Grandpa and request "hop" all the time (walking through the jungle-simple songs!)

You are showing more interest in potty training and have gone a few times. I'm thinking of trying to tackle that in August once we get back from all our vacations. For now, we will continue to talk about it and remind you it is there for you to use. This month we did stop giving you bottles, as per our doctors recommendation, and next up we will tackle the soother-- eeek! Any tips mamas?

I have no idea how much you weigh or how tall you are but you continue to tower over all your friends. People comment on how heavy you are but I'm used to it. You're in size 7.5 shoes, size 5 diapers and mostly 2T-3T clothing depending on the fit/brand.

You're a good eater, for the most part, and love feeding yourself with your utensils. You still eat in your high chair but love to have snacks on your picnic table from Nana.

You continue to sleep in your own big boy bed but call out for mama in the night. I'm isually in there a few times and end up giving in and sleeping with you 6/7 nights. You sleep 930-6/6:30am and have a two hour afternoon nap.

Nothing makes you happier than reading books, watching Bubble Guppies and playing outside! And you love spending your days with Nana, going on an adventure, while mama and daddy work. 

London, you are my everything. I love your funny personality, your sweet hugs and kisses and your easy-going nature. I love that you dance whenever music comes on and that you know how to tell a joke! I love your funny faces and how your able to make your dad and I laugh even when we want to be mad. You are growing up so fast and I'm so lucky to be your mama and watch you get big. 

I love you so much my sweet baby boy! 


  1. Such a sweet boy! When did our babies become kids?! :( also dying over the pic of Scarlett and London and the picnic table!! 😍

  2. What a cutie!! I LOVE that he keeps a hat on - he looks so cute in it!!

    1. Awww thanks! He loves his accessories!! ;)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! Liam too! I love dressing little boys :)