Sunday, May 4, 2014

Weekend In Review

We didn't do anything worthy of photos Friday night, hahahaha! We were all exhausted from a long week!

Saturday morning we were up nice and early for yummy breakfast and trip to Safeway.  London is so unpredictable when we are out now, so we like to go when we know it won't be busy. After a quick teeth brushing, we were out the door!

I had planned on doing 10 miles Saturday but Mother Nature had other plans and it snowed! It was gone by noon but the roads were still slick. I stuck to 3 treadmill miles and called it a day.

Yes, London is super helpful while I stretch and foam roll!

We watched an episode or two after naptime and then played in London's toy room for a bit. 

If you follow me on Instagram you've already seen this photo. London wanted his photo taken in front of his kitchen! I die!

Saturday night I went to see "The Other Woman" with my mom and Nicole and her cousin Danielle. It was hilarious and the popcorn was delicious! Jarod had his buddy over to watch hockey and London!

Sunday we woke up at 6:30 (despite all not going to bed until 10!) We headed out to run some errands. London was cranky (I blame the less than stellar sleep!)

I needed a new one-piece for swimming lessons but the one I came home with is too short for me. I need to hike it up over my chest but then it pulls weird. It fits fine in the waist though. I may just have to stick with a two piece for awhile :O 

London was happy just sitting in the boat with his timbits at Walmart. Boys!

London went down for a nap and I was trying to psych myself up for 10 miles. It was pouring rain outside. I downloaded a movie to watch on the treadmill and started running. The movie didn't work. I couldn't mentally run for an hour and a half with nothing so I got off after .34 miles and told Jarod I was going outside. He gave me the "your crazy look" and kissed me bye.

I told myself just to do a few miles but I knew, deep down, I wouldn't be happy with less than 10. I threw on my new lulu waterproof jacket over a tank top and a hat to keep my head dry and headed out.

It wasn't cold and I was dry for the most part (I accidentally stepped in a huge puddle around mile 5 and soaked my runners and socks!) I was dripping everywhere!

It was a very peaceful run though. Not a lot of people out and very few cars on the roads. I even took out one of my headphones and listened to the rain. 

I ended up finishing 10 miles!! Average pace 9:30 which is far from my old 8:55 average. Still, I'm so proud of myself! I haven't run in a while and I haven't logged over 6 miles since NYC! My heel was fine but man my legs are sore now!!

I was able to have a hot shower and eat before London woke up and had a hot chocolate to warm myself up (in my NYC mug... Memories!)

We spent the afternoon goofing around. 

It actually cleared up after supper so London and I headed to the park for an hour. He spent the majority of the time splashing in puddles! So fun!

It was a great weekend! I have Friday off so bring on the short work week!!! 


  1. I LOVE your hot chocolate mug.

  2. Thanks! I found it at Anthropologie.! It was pretty much the only thing I could afford in there ;)